List: Biggest Lotto Jackpots Won in Singapore

What makes the lottery attractive? The simple answer to this question lies in the jackpot. In fact, Singapore has some of the biggest lotto jackpots or prize pools in the world. Both the locals and foreign players who love gambling are attracted to the higher jackpot prize that many Singapore lotto games offer.

Any particular draw makes most of the players go crazy thinking that they will win that jackpot for themselves. This online casino game is inherently fun and simple to play. Even those who have never tried gambling before will find betting on the lottery very appealing, each participant will surely be in for a treat.

There are many other reasons also why playing the lotto is appealing. When you play lotto, you are bound to strike it lucky and you can do that by playing the best numbers that have a high chance of being picked in a particular draw.

Moreover, most Asian people are drawn to the idea of fantasizing about lottery wins. The very concept of overnight success is something that most Asian people find thrilling and exciting. Lottery, inherently a game about pushing luck to the limit, is perhaps the best game that gets them very invested in.

How big is the lottery in Singapore?

With a prize fund of more than billions of Singaporean dollars every year, more than half of the population of Singapore is very much into playing the Singapore lottery. Singapore remains to have one of the highest lottery jackpots in the world, not just in Asia.

As if the huge jackpot was not big enough, there are other benefits as well when it comes to playing the lotto in Singapore. The small population and easy access to the land-based lotto outlets make it convenient for the people of Singapore to play the lotto.

One does not need to go far to find a land-based lotto outlet and the chances of winning are higher when compared to the lotto that is played in countries with large populations such as the United States or Canada.

While the odds of winning the jackpot in Singapore are not very favorable, it’s one of the many casino online games and gambling activities in the region with the greatest number of players.

The list of biggest Lotto jackpot prizes

Since 2014, Singapore has seen a tremendous number of lotto millionaires. Here are 8 of the highest lottery jackpots in Singapore’s history.

Jackpot Prize Amount Draw Date Winning Shares Share Amount
$13,943,682 February 19, 2016 2 $6,971,841
$13,615,434 February 22, 2019 2 $6,807,717
$12,505,336 February 8, 2021 4 $3,126,334
$12,067,722 February 27, 2015 2 $6,033,861
$12,047,766 January 17, 2020 6 $2,007,961
$12,027,219 March 02, 2018 2 $6,013,609
$12,001,652 February 10, 2017 4 $3,000,413
$12,000,000 February 7, 2020 1 $12,000,000

If you take a closer look at the data, there’s a surprising number of lottery winners every February, more than any other month of every year. The biggest lotto pot prize in recent years was early in February this year, with 12 million and it was shared across 4 people.

The biggest jackpot prize in Singapore’s lottery history was $13,943,682, almost 14 million! This amount was shared by two people, each winning almost 7 million. Perhaps the highest amount of jackpot won by an individual person was in February (again) last year, a solo win of 12 million Singaporean dollars!

Is the Singapore lottery worth giving a shot?

Is the lottery worth giving a shot? The answer is a resounding yes. If you are into online games, gambling, and love earning prizes at your own pace, this gambling activity is the perfect game for you. The odds of winning the lotto may not be very astronomical, but spending so little every day can give you a fair shot at winning the whole thing.

It is all about attitude and it is a good thing that everyone can now see and learn about the ins and outs of online gambling and lotto, the more you learn about becoming more patient the more chance you have of becoming a winner.

Make sure that you find the right lotto game and a good online casino Singapore site that is safe. That all said, giving the lottery a try may just be the key to you becoming the next big lotto winner!

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