Know more about planning a Kids Birthday Party 

Planning a great party at your children’s birthday can take up quite a bit of time and effort. Inviting friends, decorating the room for the party, making sure to have enough food for everyone, and ensuring that the cake is delicious all takes a lot of thought and planning. And who has time for all these activities? Fortunately, this step-by-step article will help you in decorating a little girl’s birthday party at home and making sure everyone is happy.

Kids Birthday Party

For this party, work with the kids to create a slideshow. Create an intro that includes images from different categories. You could also get the kids to make their own plot guide for their favorite characters’ adventure story or movie. The party was a success, so no one really remembers how exactly it went down. All two kids present were excited, and their parents were happy that the kids got to share their first experience with classmates on their own. They also talked about how music came easy for the 3 year old on the mic. I needed to make a decision on how to celebrate my son Kaleb’s fourth birthday. I decided that instead of the traditionally popular toys and desserts, the children would edge away from the “toys’ ‘ and concentrate on playing games like pin the tail on the donkey or grabby-tag.

Decoration and Theme

We of course wanted our little one’s party to match his superhero personality, so we incorporated lots of character themed decorations and looked at a number of different websites for possibly the best birthday party theme so we could mix and match. We planned out games beforehand to make sure that everybody had fun! After all, your child is priceless and deserves the best! Theme: The party will be held on an island filled with colorful sea creatures.

360 photo booth

The 360 photo booth is a cool way to celebrate the birthday as you can capture those memories for years to come. It allows guests to go on fun and nostalgic virtual tours of their homes so they can get some well-earned selfies from their younger life days. They allow guests to have fun in new and different ways at birthday parties as sparkles and balloons welcome them as they enter the photo booth for their adventure.

What type of 360 photo booth should I buy?

The first thing you will need to do when purchasing a 360 photo booth is figure out the size of where you want to use it. This can be done by using a measuring tape and hallways so that you have an idea of what would be the smallest box/space to fit. Next, decide if you want the feature to upload your photos or have it automatically transferred right into an app on your phone or tablet. You will be able to either use this app or transfer them into social media in order for people who were not there to view it.


The kids had a ball! The table tennis, the treasure hunt, and a few in person games kept them occupied for hours. The leftover cake allowed for a few more laughs before bedtime. We certainly made memories with ALL of them.

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