Invest in gold but don’t lose out by ignoring silver

These days it seems like everyone has something to say about investing your money for long-term or short-term gain. We are being bombarded with ads on every media platform about selling our “unwanted” gold. Precious metal buyers are relentless in promoting the virtues of selling your gold for cash. A lot of them structure their marketing to appeal to people who are concerned about their finances or need cash urgently. Companies and individuals are investing in gold and other precious metals. Gold gets most of the attention people and silver ends up playing second fiddle to the yellow metal So, it shouldn’t be far behind, right?

According to the experts, it is “clever “to invest in gold but “smart” people invest in silver. When it comes to this precious metal, it is best to buy as much as you can when price dips happen and to bide your time and watch the markets for price increases. Whether you are buying or selling, it is important to do as much research, so you know what you are getting yourself into. If you have silver and you need cash, that’s your perfect time. If you can hold on for a little while longer then you will to catch the markets and see what is going on.

Are you trying to sell? Silver coins, bars or ingots. Silver bullion coins command a higher price because their value is guaranteed by the government mints that produce them. When in doubt seek advice from your local neighborhood bullion dealer.

When you know what you have to sell, you will need to identify the right dealer. There are still dealers that cold-call potential customers, avoid them. You should also try to avoid pop-up kiosks that are put up in malls. These are temporary businesses set up to buy as much as they can for as little as possible. You should always trust your local dealer. Reputable dealers have a reputation they have been working on for some time and will be interested in keeping that reputation by dealing fairly with their customers. The internet has made it easy to find where local silver bullion buyers can be found. You can also find plenty of information about the process of selling collectibles like silver and get any of your questions asked. So trawl the internet.

Before you sell silver bullion, check out what similar products sell for. This means being aware of the spot price of silver and also being aware of what other silver bullion coins might be bought back at a particular point in time. Not all bullion coins are priced the same way as they cost more than others. This is mainly because of the premiums that are attached. For instance, when you sell silver bullion coin like the Krugerrand, you might realise that you might get more money for it than a plain bullion bar.

Bullion dealers come in all sizes. Some are small businesses, small coin shops tucked away in some obscure street, some buyers are big wholesalers. They buy big volumes and sell a lot of it too. These are dealers who might even offer vaulting services for their clients to keep their bullion safe. These types of dealers usually pay more and pay faster than smaller dealers.

Remember there is always a good time to buy or sell silver bullion. It might be tricky to read the markets or understand the trends when you are new to them but it’s your money, your investment, it’s only logical that you would like to know all the factors that may affect the price. Try to monitor the activity for a while before you become an active participant. This is the only way to ensure that you get maximum returns on the precious metals that you are selling.

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