Increase in Google search by 900% for social media and digital marketing agencies over the past year.

With the ongoing digital transformation throughout almost every aspect of life including work, information, and even shopping it is now considered fundamental for all companies to participate in the digital transformation wave.

This wave that has swept over the majority of the world has forced more people to transform all their life from analog to digital including the advertising and marketing fields where the traditional ways of media advertising and media marketing are no longer as impactful as they used to be in the past.

The demand increased over the digital advertising and digital marketing agencies to match the digital era and this is because more people now search online to find the best available options to advertise their brand through digital marketing means.

According to Google calendar, the year-over-year shows that the search for digital marketing services has increased by 900% proving that the interest in digital marketing services has increased significantly in the past year. The search for social media agencies has also increased by 900% according to Google calendar’s year-over-year supporting the fact that digital or online advertising and marketing is the way to go.

 Digitization in the Middle East Vs. the west

In western societies, digitization had started much earlier than the Middle Eastern societies. With the western societies realizing that digitization is much more convenient as well as pushed forward towards the future they adopted it and implemented many digital transformations over the past two decades.

In comparison, the Middle East started focusing on digital transformations during the past decade but only really gave it importance during the Covid-19 pandemic since everything was on lockdown and if anyone wanted to do anything they had to do it from home through online and digital platforms.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the digitization process of every field in almost every country in the world as most of the countries were forced to enforce lockdowns and curfews as well to make sure that the situation is under control, this, in turn, allowed all the online businesses to bloom while threatened the traditional ones to fall behind if they did not adopt a digital approach to their business strategy.

The 900% increase in search for social and digital media agencies means that the demand for their services has increased by 900% allowing more social and digital media agencies to open for business because more business opportunities are presented.

Reason for the increase in demand

There are mainly 2 reasons for the increase in demand for social media and digital marketing agencies, the first reason is because of the pandemic where almost all activities like shopping, studying, and working had to be transformed to digital or online.

The second reason for the increase in demand is because of the megaprojects that took place in the Middle East region, there are many projects that are taking place in the middle east and some of these projects include the following:

  1. New Capital project in Egypt.
  2. Jeddah Metro in Saudi Arabia.
  3. Ain Dubai in UAE.
  4. Water garden city in Bahrain.
  5. FIFA World cup 2022 in Qatar.

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