IELTS UKVI: Know About the IELTS UKVI Requirements and Eligibility

IELTS UKVI, also known as IELTS for UK Visa Interview, is marked as the Secure English Language Test that can be used to prove your English proficiency to obtain support for a United Kingdom Visa and Immigration application. 

The UKVI is a document difficult to obtain and among the most difficult aspects of its eligibility is the IELTS score requirement. Your UKVI procedure will be differentiated into different tiers and each tier has a different score requirement. Let us see how all of it works. 

Table of Contents

  • What are the IELTS Score Requirements for UKVI?
  • Types of IELTS UKVI 
  • IELTS Score Requirements for the Top UK Universities
  • Frequently Asked Questions about IELTS UKVI Requirements

What are the IELTS Score Requirements for UKVI?

To obtain your United Kingdom student visa and Immigration permit, there is a certain score requirement you must reach. This score requirement greatly depends on your UKVI tier and type of immigration. There are largely two types of IELTS examinations, IELTS general and IELTS academic. The IELTS general exam closely resembles the IELTS UKVI in terms of syllabus and paper.

Given below are the IELTS UKVI Minimum requirements corresponding to their specific Tiers: 

Tier of UKVI CEFR Level Required  Minimum IELTS Band Score*
Tier 1 C1-B1 4.0 
Tier 2  B1-B2-A1 4.0 for all

5.5 for Master of Religion

Tier 4 B1-B2 4.0 for below degree courses

5.5 for degree courses and above

Family route A1-A2 Life skills at A1


*This implies that you must score your minimum requirement in the overall IELTS paper and also in individual sections. 

Types of IELTS UKVI 

There are three types of IELTS UKVI. Depending on your type of immigration, you can choose the type of IELTS UKVI you appear for. 

IELTS Academic

The IELTS academic is best suited for students willing to pursue higher education in the English speaking country. This test is often also taken by professionals in educational fields. The purpose of this type of IELTS UKVI is to measure your capability as a student in the UK.

IELTS for UKVI General

Similar to IELTS General, this test can be taken by immigrating individuals and people looking forward to working in the country. Some institutions also accept the IELTS for UKVI general to grant admission, in contrast to strict IELTS academic tests. 

IELTS Life Skills 

This is a newly formed test by the government of the UK that tests your English in basic survival techniques. You are graded as per the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) on scales of A1 and B1. 

As per the cost, the type of IELTS you appear for will have different fees. The range is 14,600-15,750 INR. The IELTS UKVI costs 15,750 INR and the IELTS Life Skills costs 14,600 INR. 

IELTS Score Requirements for the top UK Universities

While a UKVI for students can be obtained with an IELTS score of 4.0 and above, UK’s top universities have their standards when it comes to IELTS and other SELTs. If you’re aiming to get into one of these top UK universities as a study abroad aspirant, here’s the band score you need to bag in order to get in: 

University Minimum Band Requirement
Cambridge University 7.0 overall

7.0 in all except reading (6.5)

University of Oxford  7.0 overall

6.5 in each

Sheffield University  6.0 overall

5.5 in each

University College Lucknow 6.0 overall

5.5 in each

University of Edinburgh

(Only IELTS UKVI acceptable)

6.0 overall

5.5 in each

As we can see, the minimum score requirements here are much higher than what was required for a basic Tier 4 UKVI for students. Hence, you will have to work hard to get your desired score in your English language test. Do your utmost in this to stand out from the crowd. If you further need any clarity in the IELTS UKVI process, reach out to Yocket Study Abroad Experts

Frequently Asked Questions about IELTS UKVI Requirements

Ques. What is the minimum score for the TOEFL in top UK universities? 

Ans. If you’re willing to give the TOEFL, the minimum score requirement will be 70. However, not all universities accept the TOEFL, so ensure that you check with your university first. 

Ques. How many months of preparation is needed for the IELTS?

Ans. For an average learner, you should spend at least 8 weeks in your preparation for the IELTS. 

Ques. Is IELTS UKVI difficult?

Ans. An IELTS UKVI is definitely a challenging paper, but it is very straightforward. 

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