HubSpot Benefits – Some Reasons Why We Use the Platform

We’d trialled a number of platforms for marketing, sales and customer service before we tried HubSpot, so it would be fair to say that we had done our research. We even took the step of fully installing each one we sampled to really get the lowdown on which was best. One thing is for sure, the HubSpot benefits on offer are right up there.

In this blog, we explain how we got on with certain elements as a relatively inexperienced company when it comes to sales and marketing.

A Really Friendly Community 

One thing we weren’t accustomed to was just how friendly the HubSpot team was when we contacted them or any of their partners. You can’t help but feel that they value your custom and when you ask for their advice on anything relating to in-bound marketing, they’re virtually falling over themselves to provide assistance!

The entire community is a super-approachable one and we always feel relaxed and comfortable going and asking for answers when we get stuck. For us, this is one of the biggest HubSpot benefits.

It’s Really Intuitive & User Friendly

When it comes to the UX, we can’t fault HubSpot, as it’s not only great-looking but it’s super easy to navigate via its user-friendly menus. The dashboards and editors make creating content so simple and you won’t find yourself getting lost within the interface.

Having used other interfaces from HubSpot’s competitors, it’s not lost on us just how intuitive it is.

Excellent 3rd Party Integrations

Another way that novices like us can tell how popular HubSpot is, is through the range of 3rd party integrations that are available. Since we’ve been using the platform, a whole bunch has been added and this was great for us, as there were systems that we couldn’t afford to lose when using HubSpot. The platform allowed us to integrate everything we had without any problem.

A Ready Made Marketing Funnel

Another of the many HubSpot benefits we’ve discovered is the ready made marketing funnel that it provides, enabling us to track every one of our contacts as they progress. As they move along the channel, we’re able to personalise them, score them and then disseminate content.

After finishing the nurturing stage, the platform also provides us with lots of highly useful visitor insight that allows us to see how our strategy is working.

Effective Marketing That Doesn’t Irritate

One of the hardest things to achieve when marketing is getting your message across without causing irritation or annoyance. Amongst the many HubSpot benefits that exist, perhaps the most amazing is that it allows to engage in pull marketing to create a loyal following.

We could go on and keep listing benefits we’ve enjoyed, but suffice to say that this is the best platform of it’s type we’ve come across – and we’ve come across a few!

We’re far from being experts at all the things we’ve talked about, but this provider is one that makes everything seem so much more possible. We’re now enjoying greater customer satisfaction and we’re able to turn prospects into sales much faster than ever before.

For that and many reasons we haven’t got time to explain, we’re not likely to swap platforms anytime soon.

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