How We Got On When We Bought Camping Gear at Fin Feather Fur

After our kids grew up and left home, the family camping trip became a distant, but heart-warming memory. We loved those times and so when the chance came up again with our grown-up kids, we jumped at it. The problem was, most of our camping gear needed replacing.

We were told by a friend to try a website called Fin Feather Fur and here’s how we got on.

An Easy Browsing Experience

We’re in our twilight years, so we’re not that tech-savvy, so we were really happy with how easy their website was to navigate. We found everything we needed pretty easily and within 10-15 minutes, we’d found every item on our list and a couple of extra ones too!

What usually happens is that we get so frustrated with failing to find what we’re looking for that we just move onto the next site. That’s not what happened here at all, as the menus were easy to read and had none of those annoying pop up adverts you see elsewhere.

Great Choice of Quality Gear

Another wonderful factor when looking through the Fin Feather Fur online shop was the choice. We’re not talking about quantity over quality here either, as the site was replete with the biggest and best manufacturers out there.

So, by the time we’d finished shopping, we’d spent around $900 and I’m certain that going into a camping gear store would have cost us considerably more. Shipping was reasonable too, as I believe we got it free because we spent over a certain amount.

Fast Delivery, Great Aftercare

We’re not usually easily swayed by advisors when shopping anywhere, but the way that the Fin Feather Fur staff dealt with our enquiries was so refreshing. Rather than trying to upsell us to more expensive gear, they simply suggested items that would make things easier.

They laid out the benefits and left it to us to decide, so we were very impressed. What’s more, after the products we ordered arrived, we’d made a mistake and ordered a couple of things we didn’t mean to. They sorted it out really quickly and without quibbling – another great selling point.

Absolutely a Company We’d Use Again

Fin Feather Fur ticked all the right boxes for me and my family, so we’d have no problem recommending them to others – something that we’ve already done a few times. I just know that anyone using them will get the same great experience as we did.

Their no nonsense approach and clear, unbiased advice is something that I think all people want – rather than being steered towards products they neither need or want.

We’re sorted for camping gear now for a few years to come, but now that we see they do a great range of fishing equipment, archery products and more means that we’ll certainly be giving them a look again soon.

We really appreciate you taking time out of your day to read our little blog. We hope that by doing so, you now know exactly what to do when looking for the very best in outdoor gear.

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