How to Use Twitter to Benefit Your Business

It is important to know how to use social media to benefit your business. This is especially true for a small business such as a restaurant or a bakery. For example, a company can use Twitter to increase the visibility of their website, increase traffic, and create more awareness about their business.

About Maheshwari

Maheshwari is a caste that originated in the present day state of Rajasthan. It is a Hindu community that worships Lord Shiva. Traditionally, it is a mercantile community, with a strong economic presence. However, it also has an anti-social side.

The first recorded Maheshwari mention dates back to the eighth century. In the fifth century, it became a major centre for handloom weaving. Later, the industry declined. Today, Maheshwaris are found in several regions of India, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

Maheshwari Sarees are woven in vibrant colours and patterns. They are made from silk and cotton yarns. Their border designs are floral. Some of the designs include checks and stripes.

Maheshwari sarees are very popular in the country. A large number of weavers work to create over a lakh of high-quality fabric each year. Most of these fabrics are dyed in jewel tones and are infused with gold or silver thread.

These sarees have five narrow stripes on the pallu, which is made of zari. There are also floral borders on some sarees. Despite their colourful appearance, Maheshwari sarees still maintain a solid colour on the body.

The Maheshwari Saree has a reversible border. This means that you can remove the coloured border and wear a plain saree instead.

About Twitter

The San Francisco-based social networking giant has been locked in an intense battle with Indian authorities over content removal. It’s one of the few Silicon Valley firms that has had to choose between complying with the country’s strict new IT rules and protecting user freedom of speech.

Twitter’s decision to suspend hundreds of accounts came after an Indian government order to take down the content. The company complied with some of the requests, but failed to remove all of them.

In the southwestern Indian state of Karnataka, the company filed a petition for judicial review. That’s one of several ways it’s trying to challenge the government’s blocking orders.

Twitter also recently appointed a permanent employee as its chief compliance officer. He’s also hired a nodal officer to respond to requests from Indian government authorities.India’s new Information Technology (IT) law gives the government more powers over the internet. It could allow the police to censor content online or even tap private messages sent by users.


Twitter has also been targeted in recent months for ignoring a number of requests to remove content. According to the company, it suspended some accounts inside India and others abroad.

Twitter’s response has left some people baffled. For instance, it didn’t ban a “boycott Muslims” trend. However, it did reinstate an account of an investigative news magazine, called Caravan, in less than a day.

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