How to play Blood Death Knight in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

World of Warcraft is the most famous MMO RPG in the gaming industry. The project for more than 10 years of history has undergone major changes in its mechanics, methods of pumping and earning gold, mining equipment and weapons. To master the main content and learn how to play a specific hero, you need to study a lot of guides and apply them on the project.

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General information about the specialization Blood for the Death Knight in WoW Dragonflight

Blood is one of the options for the development of the tank – the Death Knight. The core of the specialization consists of the ability to bleed the enemy and regenerate your own health, and has many skills to maintain health and buffs for your group.

Death Knight Blood Specialization Basics

The main offensive and defensive skill of the blood specialization for the death knight is Death Strike. The skill allows you to deal damage to the enemy and regenerate your own health, but the power of runes is spent on use, which must be accumulated in advance and spent economically and efficiently.

Key stats for Blood Death Knight

  1. Item level – each item of equipment has its own level, which depends on the location and level of the monster, boss, quest, or craftsman’s skill when receiving it. The level determines the total physical damage that the Death Knight deals with a normal attack and the damage dealt by the skill. Always aim for high defense for armor as the character is a tank first and foremost, but remember to pay attention to weapons with their combat stats and item level for efficiency in leveling and contributing to PvP and raids.
  1. Versatility is a passive ability that equalizes the ability of attack and defense for any character. For a tank with the ability to evolve towards a damage dealer, versatility will play an important role. For the Death Knight, skill development will allow you to significantly increase the defense indicator and remain a full-fledged tanking character, but with the preservation of the attacking potential and the ability to farm monsters on your own and be useful in raids and PVP.
  1. Critical hit – gives you the chance to deal double damage with attacks and skills. Developing the critical damage skill will allow you to inflict significant damage to the enemy when triggered, and a Death Strike that has worked with a critical effect will allow you to restore most of your health at the expense of the enemy, causing him the appropriate damage. For an ordinary tank, the critical attack indicator is completely optional and much more important than the defensive indicators, but the Death Knight is considered a semi-DD and a tank with an attacking potential, which should not be abandoned and given, although not a priority, but still a full-fledged development as far as possible.
  2. Speed – contrary to the name, a characteristic that affects several parameters at once.
  • Movement speed is an important parameter for a tank, he needs to quickly close the distance with the most dangerous target in order to make it attack him.
  • Attack speed – a punch from the hand depends solely on the attack speed, which greatly helps in pumping and attacking the enemy, combining ordinary physical attacks and skills for successful PVP fights and farming monsters and bosses.
  • Rune Recovery Speed – The Death Knight uses runes to cast basic skills. The runes themselves are infinite, that is, they do not disappear from the inventory upon completion, but require recharging. Rune renewal speed depends directly on the general speed indicator, which plays a key role for the entire class, regardless of its specialization.

Basic Skills for the Blood Specialization of the Death Knight Class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Death and Decay – creates a special zone that will deal damage to all enemies that fall into it with the power of dark magic and enhance the effects of the class’s main skills.

Hand of the abomination – attracts the enemy to itself in a radius of up to 8 meters. Once every 4 seconds, you cannot pull the same target. The skill grows an additional hand for you, which deals damage to the nearest enemy and accumulates a level of potential damage – having reached level 5, the target will receive reduced damage from this ability.

Empower Rune Weapon – The skill increases the overall speed by 15%, restores the value of runes instantly and regenerates the same parameter in the next 20 seconds.

Bone shield – surrounds you with shields, increasing the overall defense parameter by 70 points.

Spinal Shatter – The skill deals physical damage and restores bone shield charges.

Death Strike – deals strong physical damage, restoring the knight’s health at the expense of the enemy’s vital indicators. The skill consumes rune charges, which are restored on their own over time, or with the help of skills. Without rune charges, you will not be able to use some skills, and Death Strike is one of them.

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