How to Make Sure Your Stuff Won’t Get Lost In the Move

Regardless of how much you care when packing, some things manage to get lost always. Whether cherished items got stuffed into unfamiliar boxes at the last minute or movers lost boxes, the chances that things will get lost is around 100%.

If you consider taking a step back and thinking about your move, there are many things you may do to ensure that you reduce the chances of losing your things. Some of these things may include:

1. Get Help from a Reliable Mover

A perfect way to ensure you don’t lose anything is to consider enlisting the help of reliable and licensed movers, such as Arrow Moving and Storage Co. Professional movers know the ins and outs of industry tricks to use so as to ensure the safety of all your things.

Importantly, many dependable movers include protection policies. This means that in the worst-case scenario where your stuff gets damaged, you’re going to be covered to get a replacement or repair your item.

2. Use a Small Ziploc Bags

The last thing you want is to get to your new home and realize that something important got lost. Even a small piece of furniture might make a great difference when it gets lost.

Using a small Ziploc bag means you shouldn’t worry about losing those items you value. Some of the stuff you may keep your bag are:

  • Screws
  • Bolts
  • Nuts
  • Electronic and computer cables

3. Pack all the Essentials

Once you enter a new home, you’ll likely start searching for the more important stuff. So you might want to consider packing all the essentials in a separate bag to ascertain that you, as well as everyone in the house, may have all you require for the first two or three days in the new home.

You might also want to keep those things separate from the remaining boxes, then transport them in your own car. Even when it takes several days to get everything as you unpack, you will have nothing to worry about losing more important things.

4. Take Inventory

It is simple to keep track of your things during the move, and it might take some time to unpack them and get everything again. This will be a serious problem if those things are valuable.

The best thing to do is to take an inventory of all your stuff and, if possible, take pictures of them in order to have proof of ownership. You will definitely use those pictures for insurance reasons when something gets lost.

To create an inventory, consider making a spreadsheet with columns for the box’s name, items, how they’re getting moved, and their condition upon arrival.

Apps are available as well. Most of those apps are simple to use, allowing you to keep track of your things, add notes, and attach photos.

Closing Remarks!

As a human, you are not perfect. So you’re bound to lose something as you move to a new house. This is irrespective of whether you are careful.

Moving encompasses a lot of things, and you may likely lose something valuable. Losing valuable stuff might be a major inconvenience. This is why it’s important to have a good plan laid out to ensure you don’t lose anything.

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