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How to Make Reels Go Viral: Tips for Creating Viral Reels

The Indian short video market is increasingly gaining popularity over the years. There are a plethora of options for choosing which app to use. While there are no rules to follow to make your reel viral, there are a few tips and tricks for creating a viral reel. If you want more views on your Reel, here are some tips you can follow while making your next short video.


The primary thing you need to do is create a theme for your Reel. It can be anything from makeup tutorials, movie reviews, song covers, or a specific travel destination you want to show. The best reels have a theme and revolve around it. For example, You are making a reel on undiscovered and underrated food joints in Bangalore. In the Reel, you are showing places and joints to eat at. Tag the food joints in the caption, which is a way you will get noticed by the brand you want to collaborate with.


Trends are a thing these days. They come and go quickly. If you want to jump on the bandwagon, you should make the Reel as soon as it is trending. Creating a reel a week later or after the trend has passed will have no impact, and the audience might not be interested in watching as there will be a new trend in the market. It would be best if you caught up with the trend timely. Also, please don’t do the trend as it is. Add your touch to it, which makes it unique.


Add trending songs to your Reel which are catchy and attract the audience’s attention. If you can’t find something trending for your Reels, look for music that goes well with your theme. A meaningful way to make your reels go viral is by adding music others want to use. When you select the song for your video, ensure you align the music to your video clips. This can be time-consuming, but it makes the video look and sound better when the music matches the beat.


People Like learning by watching Reels. They are short, catchy, and easy to understand. So people save Reels to come back to it. Your Reels should educate your audience, so they return to your reels again. For example, If you are making travel videos, share some informative Reels on travel essentials one must carry. If you are a photographer, share tips and tricks to click good pictures. Educate and make informative videos that your audience would come back to. Make videos thinking about the question you get all the time and answer those questions through your Reels.


Adding text in your Reels is very important and beneficial for making it go viral. If you are using any sound, you can use text subtitles of what the voice in the video is saying. Or, if you are talking, include subtitles for better understanding. Adding text overlays help your video reach a large international audience who need help understanding your regional language.


As the Indian short video market is growing, there are many options for the audience to shift. The audience will be attracted to watch your content if your video is of high quality. Using a good camera with upgraded features helps you take high-resolution videos. Also, using good shooting equipment will help you shoot your desired way. Take care of good lighting while shooting, as bright and light videos are more attractive, and viewers watch them more.


Post Reels as often as possible, as it increases the possibility of one of your Reels getting viral. It doesn’t mean you post every day. Don’t delete Reels that don’t get viral initially. It might take weeks or months to take off. Don’t get disappointed if they don’t get many views in a day. Give it some time, and keep posting reels; at least one might do well and get viral.

With these Tips, you can create your viral Reels on any short video platform.

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