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How to Impress Buyers by Cost effectively Staging a House?

Home staging can triple the speed of a sale while increasing a property’s value by 10%. Every home seller wishes for a rapid and profitable sale of their property. What can you do to ensure the fastest and most profitable sale possible, though, besides organising your home and placing a “for sale” sign in your front garden? Here are some of the tips property experts, including estate agents in Winchester, agree with. Home staging could be the answer if you’re willing to spend some money to sell quickly and for a high price.

Eliminate Clutter

When it comes to viewings, it’s crucial to present your home as a blank canvas. Over time, we all tend to accumulate bits and pieces around the house that we don’t need. This makes it simple for the customer to picture themselves residing there. Try to get rid of anything that isn’t necessary, such as big kitchen equipment, piles of mail, books, magazines, trinkets, toys, and decorations (except those which are strategically placed). It may be difficult, but it’s vital to remember that personal artefacts like family photos or children’s artwork will deter purchasers from your house as well. The same is true with heavy, oversized furniture that makes a room appear smaller than it is.


The buyers will be on the lookout for anything that can increase their post-move to-do list. Getting rid of any small issues will encourage guests to admire your home’s attractiveness rather than the leaky bathroom faucet. A few of the common suspects to watch out for are bubbling or peeling paint, faulty plugs, squeaky doors or cupboards, and holes or dents in the walls. Why not have a pro come take care of your DIY projects if you’re short on time? When compared to the time and effort required to handle it yourself, labour costs are frequently more expensive.


Nothing but a thorough cleaning will do when it comes to getting your house ready for the photographer and potential purchasers. Be ready to put in a weekend’s worth of hard work, and remember that no crevice may go undetected! Don’t forget to look at the tops of cabinets and shelves, plant leaves, light fixtures, and the interiors of cabinets. Smells are also quite essential.

Attention to flooring

Home stagers should consider what is beneath their feet first, as opposed to many other professions where you work from the top down. This doesn’t mean you have to act right away on what you discover, but it will give you a better understanding of what needs to be done to get the appearance and feel you want to sell your house quickly. Before your first viewing, check for any creaking floorboards (particularly along the likely path that buyers will travel when being shown through your property) and get them mended. Next, take a look at your floor coverings. Do you have a worn-out carpet that needs replacing? Or perhaps the wood of your hardwood floor has been scratched all the way through? Before you show your house, would the carpet in the hallway benefit from a professional cleaning? Fix any issues you may have with your flooring. Poorly kept floors give homes a run-down appearance, which does not encourage quick sales or high prices! Making the proper decisions can make a big difference.

Natural lighting

Allow as much natural light as you can inside. Windows will be the primary source for the majority of residences, so make sure yours are spotless and unobstructed by net curtains. If you do have nets, it’s a good idea to take them down and choose blinds in their place because they give the house a fresher, cleaner vibe. If you already have blinds, make sure to show off your property with them all the way open. The same is true for drapes or curtains; pull them as far back as they will go to maximise the amount of light coming in from the outside.

Depersonalise without becoming cold

It’s crucial to keep in mind that selling ideas is similar to selling real estate. Before they’ll agree to sign on the dotted line, you need to let potential buyers envision themselves living in your house. Having lots of personal items lying around is an immediate roadblock to that subconscious fantasy world. So what do you do? The major one is photography. While photos of your friends and relatives may mean the world to you, your buyer will not understand their significance (in most cases, anyway). Having a lot of private images around your house may deter potential buyers, so store them away until you sell your house.

These are the simple tips for preparing your home for sale. If you’d like to learn more about how we can make that rapid sale a reality, contact us today.

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