How to Help Kids Care for Their Devices

Children and teenagers use various devices daily to play games, watch movies, complete homework, or boost their education. However, they can be more than a little careless when using expensive gadgets and won’t consider they can break.

If you’re tired of replacing electronics or want to teach your children to take better care of their electronics, you may need to stock up on protective accessories and introduce various tech rules. Here’s how to help kids care for their devices.

Add Protective Cases

Children won’t think twice about throwing a tablet computer on their bed or may carelessly drop their smartphone on the floor. Prevent shattered screens and broken electronics by adding protective cases onto each device they own. It can protect the item if it is dropped harshly, which can improve its lifespan and preserve your finances.

Buy Controller Grips

A poor grip or sweaty hands may cause your kids to drop a gaming device or console accessories during gameplay. While there is no guarantee your child won’t drop a device or accessory, you can prevent the likelihood by buying multi-textured controller grips to help them hold on.

For example, you can purchase a Nintendo Switch joy con controller grip that will allow your child to play comfortably while improving their control. Plus, the sweat-resistant material may decrease the likelihood of an unfortunate drop on the floor.

Introduce a No Food or Drink Rule

A sudden spill or food particles can damage a device. Keep your kids’ electronics safe by introducing a no food or drink rule, especially if they’re using a laptop or a desktop computer. Also, encourage your children to clean their hands when using the devices to prevent debris from making their way into a gadget’s various nooks and crannies.

Encourage Good Tech Habits

Your kids might not think twice about leaving their laptop open, walking around with a tablet computer, or placing a heavy item on their laptop or console.

For this reason, you must provide your kids with various instructions on how to use their devices to keep them in good condition and encourage good tech habits.

For example, instruct your children to:

  • Keep a computer or tablet on a desk
  • Shut a laptop before carrying it
  • Never place objects on top of a device
  • Keep a tidy workstation
  • Shut down a device when it’s not in use

Don’t Replace the Gadgets Right Away

If your child has repeatedly broken a device, you’d be wise not to replace the gadget right away. If you do, it will indicate to your son or daughter that you’ll always buy them a brand-new electronic if one breaks, which is not sustainable.

Instead, your child must learn to pay the price for their mistake and wait until a birthday or Christmas for a replacement. You can guarantee they will appreciate the technology more when they finally receive it, and they will be more likely to follow your various tech rules and use a protective case or controller grips.

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