How to Have a Fun Family Day at the Orchard

Apple picking is a favorite fall tradition for many families. Going to the orchard can be a fun outing for the entire family! There are typically a wide variety of activities for both kids and adults, and you can get lots of exercise and fresh air. If you’re looking for tips to make the most of your family visit to the orchard, you’re in the right place.

Let’s get started!

Discover the Seasons of Different Apples and Fruit

Fall is a time of year when many people think of apples. While apples are a popular fruit, there are actually many different types of apples at an orchard, each with its own unique flavor and texture.

Many orchards also grow other types of fruit, such as berries and pumpkins. Spending some time learning about the different types of fruit can be a fun and educational activity for the whole family.

Many orchards offer tours and tastings so you can learn about the different types of apples and other fruit and sample them yourself. As you get ready for a family trip to the orchard, make sure you have everything you need — including a roadside emergency kit and the right car insurance coverage. If you aren’t sure or need to shop for car insurance, make sure you look for companies with good customer ratings. Freeway Insurance reviews are consistently rated highly, making the company a great place to shop around and compare rates for high-quality, but affordable, coverage.

Go For a Hayrack Ride

Orchards often have hayrack rides that give you a fun and easy way to explore the groves and farm. Hayracks are large, open-sided carts that are pulled by a tractor or horse. They typically have benches along the sides, making them comfortable and accessible for family members of all ages and abilities. Best of all, they provide a great view of the surrounding countryside.

Hayrack rides are typically open throughout the season, although they may only run on weekends. After your ride, you can take a walk through the orchard, visit the farm’s store where they sell picked fruit, or enjoy other available activities.

Eat Some Great Fresh Food

Orchards are a great place to enjoy the bounty of the harvest season. Along with a variety of fresh-picked apples, you can also find a store with an abundance of delicious baked goods, kitchen wares, and more.

The central store is usually the hub of activity, where you can purchase freshly picked fruit, turnovers, cider, and interesting gadgets. They may offer samples of different types of apples so you can find your favorite.

Orchard stores are a great way to have fun and enjoy the fruits of the season. From pies to cider, you’ll find delicious food to take home and enjoy.

Enjoy the Orchard Before the Season Passes

If you’re looking for a fun fall family day activity, be sure to visit your local apple orchard before the end of October. Most orchards close to the public at the end of the month, so make sure you get in while you still can!

Enjoy picking out your favorite apples and taking a stroll through the beautiful groves. Don’t forget to take some home with you – fresh apples, apple turnovers, and cider are always a delicious way to celebrate the season.

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