How to Celebrate the Teacher’s Day in China

Teachers’ day is a special day typically set to recognize and appreciate teachers’ hard work and resilience throughout the year. Teacher’s day is significant in China, normally held on September 10th each year. It mainly involves appreciating the numerous contributions made by teachers by offering presents and organizing ceremonies to honour them. Teachers’ day is a special day that symbolizes the profound respect Chinese society has for scholarship and educators. An expat teaching English in China will recognize the respect, value and appreciation the Chinese offer to their teachers in schools and learning institutions.

Ways to Celebrate Teachers Day in China

Teaching is a highly appreciated profession in China.  On September 10th, during the teacher’s day celebrations, most teachers enjoy bonuses and are offered presents by school administrators.  They are sometimes even offered a few hours off work to celebrate this significant day.  Below are some of the ways teachers are celebrated in China.

  • Offering presents to teachers

Students gift teachers with presents and cards during the teacher’s day celebrations to appreciate them.  Students appreciate their teachers by creating pieces of artwork or writing poems to dedicate them to their teachers.  Teachers feel valued and appreciated when they know their students are learning something, and their work is not in vain.  Students usually get creative as much as possible to offer the best present to their teachers.

  • Interacting with teachers personally

Former students usually visit their favourite former teachers to interact and appreciate them to mark this special day.  They reach out to their former teachers to let them know they positively impacted their life and career choices.  The students appreciate their teachers and let them know why their past interactions and experiences were so enriching and meaningful.

  • Organizing a party for them

Parents at the various schools in China come together to organize a special party dedicated to thanking and appreciating teachers. Parents provide refreshments while holding special programs, including poem citations and singing to appreciate their teachers in school. Foreign teachers become more inspired to look for various teaching jobs in China due to the appreciation and value parents, students and the community hold for teachers.

  • Acknowledge them through social media

Parents and students strive to ensure that their teachers are appreciated on teachers’ day.  Students and their families celebrate their teachers by creating incredible videos of expressing gratitude and respect for their teachers.  They create appreciation messages, images and videos and post them on various social media platforms to express their joy and appreciation for their teachers.

The Joys of Teaching in China

Teachers are appreciated, respected and treated well by students throughout the year beyond teachers’ day. A foreign teacher will find numerous teaching jobs in China since teachers are valued and required in high demand to fill the various vacancies available in schools, universities and training centres. Teachers will find work, acquire high salaries, affordable housing and achieve high living standards while teaching in China. Students around the country show respect to their teachers by clapping when teachers enter the classrooms, bowing when speaking with instructors and standing up when answering questions in class.

Teacher’s day in China is celebrated to recognize teachers’ responsibilities, rights and efforts while focusing on appreciating and improving teachers’ teaching conditions and lives. Foreign teachers teaching English in China are appreciated and enjoy numerous benefits, including school subsidized housing and free meals in the universities. Other benefits include flight reimbursements, support and emergency assistance, endless travel opportunities and a flexible teaching schedule. Teachers are appreciated in China, which makes them strive to teach students to achieve academic excellence and become responsible members of society.

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