How to Care for Valuables in Your Home

Do you have items in your home that hold a special value to you? Whether it’s art, jewelry, or antiques, many people have items that have sentimental value, financial value, or both.

Valuables in your home need special love and care to maintain their value. Some of them you may want to display. If something is worth a lot of money, the first step is to insure it properly.

Your home insurance is critical when you have expensive items, such as jewelry, art and antiques. Shopping around for the most affordable and comprehensive insurance can help you find better rates and ensure your valuables are covered. If you don’t know where to start or need suggestions on a good option for affordable insurance, call Freeway Insurance. They can help you get a quote on affordable home insurance that includes protection for your valuables.

Here are some tips to help you display and take care of your valuables.


If you have valuable artwork, you probably want to display it and enjoy it. But how can you do so safely?

You should always ensure that art pieces are hung away from direct sunlight or potential sources of moisture, as this could cause irreparable damage. Instead, display the art on a wall with muted lighting or indirect light, as museums do.

Another option for display is to hang your artwork in an airtight frame with UV-blocking glass or acrylic. This will protect the piece from direct sunlight and dust while still allowing viewers to admire its beauty.


Keeping your precious jewelry secure is always important. But it doesn’t mean you have to lock away your jewels and never enjoy them!

The key to enjoying your collection while keeping it safe is all about minimizing risk. Develop a routine of checking for loose settings or mountings and cleaning your jewelry regularly. That way, you can spot any wear or damage before it becomes an issue.

When not wearing your valuables, make sure to keep them in a secure location, such as a safe, to prevent theft. If you’re storing multiple pieces together, separate them in soft bags or pill boxes to avoid scratches.


Collecting and preserving antiques is a rewarding way to reconnect with the past, but it’s vital to keep them safe as well.

Simple cleaning and dusting of your antiques should be the first priority; this will prevent grime from causing any damage. Place them in moderate temperatures with appropriate humidity.

Finally, consider protecting smaller or fragile items in display cases to keep them from being knocked over or damaged while you enjoy them.


People collect all kinds of things, from sports cards to dolls to coins. Enjoying these collections while keeping them safe can be challenging, especially if the collection is large.

Start by deciding how much of your collection you want to display at a time, and then get locking cases that allow them to be visible but safe. You can rotate the pieces from time to time to keep things fresh.

Avoid direct sunlight and keep valuables away from kids and pets. You’ll be able to enjoy and show off your collection safely!

Enjoy Your Valuables

Having financially valuable items in your home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them. You just have to take the steps above to help protect them when you do.

With the right care, you can appreciate them and pass them on to the next generation, safe and sound.

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