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How to Build an Effective Branding Strategy in Singapore

Are you looking to expand your business into Singapore or other countries? That means you need a branding strategy. Uncover what it is and how to create it according to an expert on branding strategy in Singapore.

What are branding and a branding strategy?

Branding is what people feel, say, and perceive about your brand or business. It is different from marketing, which is what you tell about your brand.

So, what that means for branding strategy?

Based on a well-known branding expert, Marty Neumeier, branding strategy is a systematic development plan for a brand in line with its business strategy.

A good branding strategy can give your brand these benefits:

  • Understand your brand and use its values as a guideline for decision making
  • Evoke a good perception surrounding your brand through consistent and effective communication on your content
  • Attract customers
  • A way to outshine your competitors

How to create a branding strategy when expanding in Singapore or other countries

Branding is a powerful means, and it is worth an effort. Follow these simple step by step processes to create a branding strategy that works according to an expert of branding strategy in Singapore.

1. Define purpose, vision, mission, and values

A brand is not about what you or your team say it is; it is what people tell it is. So, how to make people believe that you are a good brand worth advocating?

You need to understand your brand first.

And to do so, you have to define the purpose, vision, mission, and values of your brand. When these principles and your business are aligned together, you can encourage your audience to:

  • Maintain brand loyalty
  • Cultivate a community
  • Support the growth of your brand

To illustrate this point, let’s say you run a business of a mattress company. You can understand your mattress brand better by creating:

  • Purpose: why your mattress company exists like you want that company to produce affordable and eco-friendly mattresses that help many households to have a better sleep
  • Vision: you can define vision like what your brand wants to achieve
  • Mission: defining mission means what your brand wants to do to achieve your vision
  • Values: principles for the running of your brand, also cultures that your employees have to adhere to

2. Identify brand’s persona to create brand messaging

At this point, you have a better understanding of what your brand is. The next step is to create a persona and brand’s messaging. They help your brand in communicating about who your brand is.

To build an effective branding strategy in Singapore, you must brainstorm with your team to come up with:

  • Brand’s personality: brand’s characteristics and attributes, for example, Netflix is known to have a laid-back and humorous nature
  • Brand’s voice: refers to how a brand sound or speak, for example, how your content would sound like when you create content for Instagram to stay on top of the Instagram algorithm
  • Brand’s tone: refers to the general attitude of how you communicate on your content, like playful and respectful

Once you identify your brand’s persona, you can use them to come up with your brand messaging. They can help determine your tagline, write the brand’s origin story or brand’s promise.

3. Craft visual identity

You already knew your identity and persona. Now is the time to visualise them into thought-provoking visuals. At this point, you have to create a solid visual identity, such as logo, typography, colour palettes, and graphics.

A solid visual identity will be an “ambassador” for your brand. Hence, your team must come up with something that is well-thought-out, comprehensive, and flexible. “You can even be the influencer of your own brand. Learn how to become a brand ambassador and share your expertise more effectively.”

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4. Produce your brand guideline

Quality and consistency are critical for a branding strategy. Maintaining them can strengthen your brand, making people more likely to become the army of advocates for your brand. To produce quality content and messaging consistently, you must create your brand guideline.

Think of a guideline as a playbook filled with directions on how to communicate as your brand. The guideline will then be used by your team or other external parties you collaborate with.

A brand’s guideline usually contains all the three points you already created above. Also, add anything else related to your brand that may be helpful for the guideline. Keep in mind to keep the guideline accessible to your team.

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