How societal pressures are jeopardizing our wellbeing

Even if you relate as an introvert, you do care about other people’s opinions. Whether we like it or not, most of us do operate within societies, and we are made to conform to our contexts.

We rely on our society for support, for kinship, for ties that provide validation of our human experience. However, we also have to reciprocate, which often translates into societal pressure.

There are certain expectations of operating in societies that include code of conduct, dressing, and human interaction. While on paper they may seem good, but ironically, heightened dependence on societal approval has been linked to poor wellbeing.

The most profound way perhaps that occurs is the increased instances of impaired mental health, which then paves way for physical ailments like lowered immunity, greater risk of heart disease that then requires the help of Best Internal Medicine Specialist in Islamabad, and decreased satisfaction with life.

Different forms of societal pressures


When you depend on your society for approval, you are setting yourself for disappointment, since your desires will not always conform with the society’s image of what’s acceptable. For example, your heart lies in studying history, but society doesn’t value it. You then end up conforming to what the society wants instead of following your dreams.

You might make do with it for the time being, but you will always then resent the society. This resentment also might then make you dislike people who do end up following their hearts.


Dependence can be debilitating. When it is dependent on societal norms, especially if they are set it stone, it can then ruin your prospects.

Limited growth

Societal pressures can also limit your growth. What your career trajectory is, will not always be socially acceptable, and you might then end up sacrificing yourself for the approval of some people. For example, you might have better job prospects in a different country, but your society might frown up leaving your family, due to which you then don’t make a move.

Pressure to be happy

One of the biggest ploys that society sic on us is the need to be happy. There is no room for sadness, and other human expressions. There is fixation on success and the inability to take in failure leads to greater pressure then.

Furthermore, when there is a need to promote the positive experience and placing heightened importance on being happy all the time, it leads to greater sadness. Being happy is associated with being more accomplished and living a better life.

So, when you are sad, not only then you have to make do with your own state of affairs, but also feel as if you are a failure, because that is what society has been telling you.

Promotes unhappiness

When societal does not let you follow your dream, imposes on your mobility, limits your thoughts, and considers you a failure when you do not conform to what they approve of, you are then set up to unhappy.

Impact of societal pressure


Either you can bow down to societal pressures and bid adieu to your desires, therefore be unhappy, or you can fight your own battle and live on your own terms. The latter may seem aspirational, but this road is extremely lonely.

Not only do you feel alienated because you do not think like most members of the society, but people are ruthless in giving up on anyone who does not conform. This not only then has implications for your health but your social life as well.


Societal pressures can also pave the way to mental health issues like depression, which is not a problem unto itself, but a harbinger of issues. Depression causes mood problems, sleep issues, emotional dependence, physical  pain, lethargy, and increased risk of heart attack then requires timely intervention of Best Internal Medicine Specialist in Karachi.

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