Here Is How Much You Can Earn From Copywriting

The traditional definition of copywriting services is “the writing and supplying of advertising copy.” In recent years, however, the copywriting role has been broadened to include many forms of literature. Copywriting professionals provide copy writing services to organizations of all kinds–whoever needs copy written. Some typical clients include: businesses, government agencies, ad agencies, design firms, video/film producers, and publishers. Expert copywriters work at either established advertising or copywriting firms or are freelance copywriters.

Here are the different types of copy writing services that professional copywriters provide:

  • advertising copy (still the main role of copywriting)
  • slogans
  • catch-phrases
  • magazine advertisements
  • TV commercials
  • radio commercials
  • Yellow page ads
  • direct mail pieces
  • marketing communications
  • website content
  • brochures
  • catalogs
  • flyers
  • sales letters and presentations
  • newsletters
  • training programs

Basically, copywriters are in the business of helping any one party sell a product or a service to another party. With the advent of the Internet, the breadth of services that copywriters provide has increased. In addition to what’s already been mentioned, online copywriting also includes blogging, online articles, and then the online version of all the services above.

Amateur Writers

Amateur writer means if you are new to copywriting, you need to learn from others is the best part you could ever think off, learning from others is the blatant reality in this world. New born children always learn from others and grew up. While learning to copywriting you must copy others, while copying you have to ensure non-plagiarized content. The tool referred will help you learn quickly from other copywriting pieces you come across.


Depending on the ad agency, copywriting firm, or copywriter you work with, there will always be a price to the writing of copy. You will stand to pay anywhere from $200 to thousands of dollars, based on the size and type of project. For instance, creating a slogan or a sales letter might cost $200-$500, while creating large brochures or website content will be closer to $1,000-$3,000.

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