HealthTap – Everything You Need to Know

This app and website connect members with doctors for a range of healthcare services, such as symptom checkers, one-on-one consultations, prescriptions sent directly to your pharmacy, and more.

Through an advanced AI interface, members can request virtual appointments with doctors and receive medical advice. They may also order lab tests and referrals as needed.

Free symptom checker

HealthTap provides a free symptom checker to help you determine if medical advice is needed. The app utilizes artificial intelligence to evaluate symptoms and suggest potential causes of your condition as well as next steps for care.

It also offers a library of questions posed by real patients that are answered by doctors with expertise in various fields. Customers’ data is securely and conveniently stored within the app, making it simple to discuss consultation notes, test results, and medication information with multiple providers.

HealthTap stands out among other symptom checkers by offering one-on-one doctor consultations. Users can request video chat or text message with a doctor, who are available 24/7 for questions and answers.

One-to-one consultations with a doctor

HealthTap strives to give patients access to doctors whenever, anywhere. Their app offers video, phone and text consultations with qualified physicians.

Additionally, it offers a library of questions answered by physicians and an AI-based symptom checker to give users a better understanding of their symptoms.

They offer a paid subscription service called Prime that grants subscribers unlimited online medical consultations with board-certified physicians.

Khosla Ventures, Mayfield Fund and Mohr Davidow Ventures have invested in the business.

The startup is working to address a problem that many people face when it comes to their health – lack of access to affordable, quality care. Through their HealthTap for Good initiative, they hope to enable disadvantaged individuals around the world access premium medical services.

Prescriptions sent to your pharmacy

HealthTap app delivers prescriptions directly to your pharmacy within a couple of hours. Doctors can write new short-term prescriptions as well as refill existing medications like antibiotics or Tamiflu.

This service requires a subscription of $15 per month and provides one-on-one video visits with primary care doctors as well as urgent care appointments.

The company claims to save consumers up to 75% on generic medication. Furthermore, it provides customers with coupons they can present at pharmacies when paying for their prescriptions.

24/7 customer support

HealthTap provides 24/7 access to board-certified doctors via text or video chat, with wait times of no more than one minute. Members can also order prescriptions and lab tests online.

The service also provides an AI symptom checker to assist members in recognizing potential causes of their symptoms. It then provides guidance as to whether they require a virtual consultation with a doctor or not.

This is an excellent way to get advice without seeing a doctor, and is especially beneficial for those who cannot afford to visit the clinic. It can help avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room and ER.

HealthTap is accessible to people of all ages and economic statuses, regardless of their insurance coverage or financial situation. Its primary mission is to provide affordable healthcare to everyone; members have access to an expansive network of doctors who are dedicated to helping them.

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