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Growing up on Instagram: 6 mistakes to avoid

There are five mistakes that 95% of users make on this platform to increase Instagram followers or get more Instagram likes. Instagram, in recent times, is proving to be one of the most popular social networks and, consequently, most used by entrepreneurs, companies, and influencers.

To aim for success, there are widespread practices that help speed up some operations and grow on Instagram. The numbers speak one way, but the results are different.

Let’s see, in detail, what are the actions not to be done to avoid unpleasant inconveniences:

1: The market for followers

There is nothing wrong with buying Instagram followers if bought from recommended websites, whether you are a user or a company. A handful of followers will give you an initial boost and Instagram algorithm will give you priority.

2: Neglect photo editing

Using editing photo and video filters can increase user engagement by up to 45%. There is certainly the need to find a balance between keeping a photo in its original state and applying so many filters to make the photo unrecognizable. For example, brighter images get 24% more “likes” than dark ones. A very intuitive app that can immediately help you improve your shots and grow on Instagram is definitely PicsArt.

3: Bot risk

Entrusting the bots, or computerized systems, with the task of interacting with other users and therefore making your profile grow on Instagram, is extremely dangerous. With the spread of this new trend, in fact, many paid services of this kind were introduced on the net, and very often, if you do not know who to trust, you can run into unpleasant surprises.

4: Hashtag

As per activeig, If your photo portrays New York, it is not useful to add hashtags like #success, # like4like, and # follow4follow just to gather some more likes in the first initial seconds. It is incorrect, and the algorithm in the following minutes will penalize the content that ended up with zero probability. The Display purposes portal is an excellent tool for identifying the most suitable hashtags to use, starting from a keyword.

5: Ignore the Stories

Over 500 million Instagrammers use Instagram Stories every day, and one in five stories receives a direct message from a user. If you are looking for a more direct connection with your audience, you need to include the Stories feature in your strategy. The sequence and short format allow you to produce interesting content that allows you to tell a wider story. For example, you can share a recipe step by step, show your offices by taking a tour, show the production phases of a product, or highlight your day through your stories.

6: Always stay up to date

Social media is a constantly changing world where it is easy to fall behind. To achieve success on this platform, it is necessary to stay up to date and learn the best strategies to adopt every day. We advise you to follow industry experts who can provide you the latest information.

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