Google Doodle Celebrates Opera Star Montserrat Caballs 89th Birthday

In honor of 89th birthday of Montserrat Caballs, Google has created a special doodle to commemorate the life and career of this famous opera singer. The doodle celebrates the musician’s contributions to opera, philanthropy and music in general.

Early life

Montserrat Caballe was a great opera singer and a renowned performer. She has been bestowed with many awards and prestigious recognitions. Her performances have been praised throughout the world. During her career, she has performed with some of the greatest tenors and opera singers.

In addition to being a renowned opera singer, Montserrat Caballe is also a mother. She has two children. Marti Caballe was born in Barcelona on November 15, 1972. She is a successful Spanish soprano and has been regarded as one of the greatest Spanish performers of all time.

Montserrat Caballe is a lyric-coloratura soprano. She is known for her virtuoso technique and for her wide repertoire. She has had dozens of recordings made. One of her recordings is “Lucrezia” with Shirley Verrett.

Montserrat Caballe’s father Carles Caballe i Borras was a famous opera singer. He and his wife enrolled their daughter in the Conservatorio del Liceo when she was just thirteen. They listened to a number of recordings with her, including those of Miguel Fleta.


Google celebrated the 89th birthday of opera star Montserrat Caballe with a special artistic doodle. The singer is remembered for her iconic voice. Her bel canto singing technique is filled with rich broad tones and smooth phrasing.

Caballe performed more than 3,800 times in over 80 roles on five continents. She received five Grammy nominations during her career.

She was born on April 12, 1933 in Barcelona, Spain. Her parents, Montserrat Carreras and Bernabe Marti, had trouble making ends meet during the Depression. So, Caballe had to attend music classes. She studied at the Conservatorio del Liceo and later became a professional opera singer.

Caballe started her professional career in Switzerland. In her youth, she studied music and studied under Conchita Badia. At the age of thirteen, Caballe joined the Conservatorio del Liceo. It was here that Caballe studied singing technique.

As a child, Montserrat Caballe also sang in various musical performances. She eventually made her professional debut in 1956. Later, she took up a role at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.

Performances with Freddie Mercury

Google released a Doodle in honor of Montserrat “La Superba” Caballe, one of the most prominent and acclaimed opera singers of the last century. She died at the age of 85 in October 2018. This 89th birthday Google Doodle celebrates the life of Caballe and her contributions to the world of classical music.

Montserrat Caballe was born on April 12, 1933 in Barcelona, Spain. Her career as an opera singer spanned seven decades. During that time, she performed in over eighty roles on five continents. In addition to her singing, she was also an international philanthropist. She founded a charity to help impoverished children.

Caballe received her first Grammy Award for best classical vocal performance in 1968. In later years, she won another Grammy for the song Barcelona, a duet with Freddie Mercury from Queen. The song became the anthem for the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona.

Montserrat Caballe is regarded as one of the best sopranos of all time. She was also known for her bel canto singing style, which is defined as a rich and broad range of tones.


Google Doodle has dedicated a special artistic doodle to Spanish opera diva Montserrat Caballe on her 89th birthday. She is a legendary singer with a career that lasted over half a century.

She is best known for her performances of bel canto repertoire. Her voice was described as angelic vocal control and pure but powerful. The singer has performed more than 3,800 times, singing more than 80 roles in five continents. During her career, she received five Grammy nominations.

The soprano Montserrat “La Superba” Caballe was born in Barcelona on April 12, 1933. She was one of the most famous opera stars of the twentieth century. After performing for more than half a century, she passed away on October 6, 2018. Known as “La Superba” and “La Contessa del Fiore”, she was a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador.

Montserrat Caballe started her career in Austria. Later she moved to Basel, Switzerland. She received vocal lessons from Napoleone Annovazzi. This was followed by training at the Conservatorio del Liceo.

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