Getting to Know the People and Places of Cincinnati

Cincinnati is a gorgeous mid-sized city that packs enough culture and art to feel like one two to three times its size.  This city understands the importance of discussing its history while also giving visitors the chance to help it build towards a better future.

These are the top attractions and sites in Cincinnati that will help you understand the people who live here a little better.

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Historical and breathtaking, the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden exist as the second oldest still functioning zoo in the USA.  Now almost 150 years old, this zoo has a large focus on conservation and introducing people to the idea of giving back to nature.

This is taken even further in the botanical garden, where plants from around the world are put on beautiful display to be studied and better understood.  The zoo is home to 500 animals, and the garden claims over 3,000 different plant species, culminating in a very worldly and incredible experience.

Cincinnati Art Museum

While looking at Cincinnati houses for sale, consider stopping in and visiting this fantastical art museum.  Over 67,000 arts call this museum home, spanning over six thousand years of our history to culminate in this experience of art and creativity.

Every piece discusses who created it and their life and helps visitors feel closer to the creatives of the past.  Although there’s no way to allow us to get in contact with the people of the past, this art museum works to get us as close as possible.

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National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

The Underground Railroad was an important part of getting people out of slavery and into freedom.  This center discusses all of the struggles and losses that happened to try to make this possible and clarifies how important it is that every person is given a chance to live freely and exist as themself.

Although we still have a long way to go, this stern look at where we’ve come from is a good reminder of why we must keep trying.  

Contemporary Arts Center

Contemporary arts may be misunderstood to some degree, but those who don’t understand it should visit this center to give it a second chance.  This non-collecting museum focuses on new developments and allows more unique artists to be displayed and lauded for their skills.

Over the years, this has resulted in the CAC showing the works of many artists that are now internationally famous, although they were unknown at the time.  

Taft Museum of Art

This 200-year-old home has housed famous Cincinnatians like Martin Baum, David Sinton, and Charles Phelps Taft.  Offering a view into their lives and the art that’s surrounded them, visitors can enjoy the chance to take in the history of the home while also getting to admire its beauty.

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In addition, as a contributing property to the Lytle Park Historic District, you can enjoy knowing that your admission is going to a good cause.

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