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Diamonds are a woman’s best friend, and no one can deny that. Also, for a fact, women can never get enough of it. A necklace is a form of jewellery that women adorn on special occasions and fancy events. It is a symbol of tradition, wealth and status.

Necklaces add charm and bling to your ordinary outfits and bring out a better version of the entire look. In India, it is a tradition to gift necklaces to the bride at her wedding, and it is said to be an asset. Diamond is the most known and sought-after gem that has been used as a decorative item for ages.

The purity of a diamond is decided as per the four C’s, i.e. colour, cut, clarity and carat. The price of diamond necklace is also important while you are shopping for jewllery. The diamond necklace price varies from cut diamonds to uncut ones. No matter what your choice might be, for sure, there is one such style for you that won’t escape your eyes. Depending on the buyer’s choice, diamond necklaces are basically categorised into two types – pendant necklaces and true necklaces.

Pendant Necklace

A pendant necklace is a minimal stone hanging from a chain. However, the design may vary from a small solitaire to something more elaborate depending on your style of choice, mood and pocket, wherein you can also swap the chain for a different look. Thus there is little room for modification.

Pendant necklaces are classified further into various types based on their differences. Have a look at the different kinds of pendant necklaces, and you might love one of them. You can choose from a range of diamond necklace prices as well.

Solitaire Diamond Necklace

One of the timeless and classic styles is a solitaire pendant. It goes with almost every attire and hangs within a chain in a prong setting. A pendant necklace is very common and most talked about because of its evergreen nature and decent style. The price of diamond necklaces can be on the higher end.

Double Bail and Single Bail Diamond Necklaces

Some pendants feature single bail and double bail that holds the diamond and the basket. A single bail allows the pendant to flip to one side and move to and fro, whereas the double bail makes it flat and does not allow it to move or twist to one side. If you are looking for jewellery on a budget then this is a great option based on the diamond necklace price.

Bezel setting necklace

It is a very common solitaire setting and the price of this diamond necklace is also not that high. The diamond is securely placed in a precious metal which makes the stone appear larger than usual and is more protected.

True Necklace

True necklaces are very exclusive and a fashion statement than pendant ones. They differ in their designs since the setting is not free hanging. Diamond necklaces are available in the form of chokers and collars, which are customised in various designs. It is said to be more expensive than a pendant necklace since there are more stones since they are covered all around the necklace than a centrepiece.

These ornate choker and collar diamond necklaces are suitable for highly formal occasions and also for big Indian weddings. Ture diamonds also come in various varieties and are very much in demand. They are exclusive, and the extra bling never disappoints.

Choker Necklace

These diamond necklaces are designed to cover the neck and are closely fitted. Typically sleek designs make it look surreal and appealing, paired with small diamond earrings. It makes a very eye-catching appearance when paired with any dress.

Collar Necklaces

Collar necklaces are designed in a way that it lies flat to the body and rests just above the collar bone. While choosing a popular piece of jewellery, collar necklaces are the best accessory among women. Women with a long necks can carry these kinds of necklaces with more grace as the design is highly visible and adds to the charm.

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