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The best way to find market gaps is to be as creative as possible. You can take advantage of your own skills and talents to make a new product or service. You can also use your knowledge of an industry to identify gaps. You should know the market in order to identify the opportunities. If you are unfamiliar with an industry, try reading a few articles about it. Then, decide which one you’d like to enter.

There are many types of gaps in the market, some of them big, and some small. Identifying a gap in the market is an important first step in starting a business. You must make sure to know the product or service you’re going to sell. You must know the audience to make your idea successful. It has to solve a problem that people are struggling with and solve their problems. If you can solve a consumer need, your products will sell themselves!

You can also find a gap in a market that no existing company can fill. The most common example is Netflix, which filled multiple market gaps. Whole Foods, on the other hand, solved a need of a health-conscious consumer. All successful businesses have a solution to a market gap. And that’s the key to their success. You can apply the same concept to your product or service.

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