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The 1929 stock market crash was a catalyst for the Great Depression. In addition to the general economy being weak, the public was concerned about a shortage of toilet paper. Fear and panic led to a market crash. In response, the FED raised interest rates by 1%. This move increased the market’s dividend yield, which is the amount of money paid out by a company divided by the share price. This rate change did not result in a change in the payout, but the price would have to drop.

Many investors believe that the stock market can crash on a whim. However, there are many reasons why the market could fall in value. One reason for this is that the Fed is promoting a dovish monetary policy. It has kept interest rates near historical lows and has undertaken a number of quantitative easing initiatives. These actions are designed to boost housing confidence and keep long-term Treasury bond yields low.

The Fed is responsible for causing the stock market to fall. The central bank’s dovish monetary policy has kept borrowing costs low while simultaneously attempting to weigh down long-term Treasury bond yields. These measures have weakened the economy, but they have also created opportunities for savvy investors. In these situations, investors should avoid selling at such times and continue investing their funds regularly. This will ensure that their money is protected from potential losses.

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