Frequently Asked Question About The Cryptocurrency Market From The House Of KuCoin

As we see, the crypto industry is expanding, and more and more people every year start their journey by either investing or actively trading digital assets; one of the most reputable crypto marketplaces is KuCoin, with more than 18 million active traders and investors. Many people still don’t know about this lucrative industry. Many people are utterly ignorant about this opportunity and never take the first leap.

Many people still aren’t aware of reliable crypto marketplaces; they fear online scams and don’t have the proper knowledge to join the journey, but don’t worry if you are among those people KuCoin will assist in having adequate know-how of the industry.

We will go through the most frequently asked questions about KuCoin; these are the most commonly asked question regarding how to trade crypto, what features are offered by KuCoin and how these could benefit traders and investors.

KuCoin has 600+ listings which means you can know about bitcoin BTC prices and Ethereum price and trade them live on the platform; it also has some great features to which we will come soon.


The most asked question by beginners is what is KYC? Well, KYC is a form of user identification by the platform. This is mainly done to know that the user exists and his title is legit. This creates transparency between the user and the platform so that they can be secured from any scam, or the venue could stop any suspicious activity from the user.

KYC on KuCoin mainly consists of Two-level the first is Basic Identification the second one is advanced Verification.

In the basic varication, the users are asked about the country they belong to, their First and Last Name, and ID card number. In the advanced Verification, they are asked to upload the photos of their original ID documents. This step also requires Institutional Verification. It would help if you told me about the Corporation name, Tax Identification Number, Source of Investment Funds, Transaction Volume, and Corporation Registration Date.

Those new to starting on the platform often ask about what if they run into any problem and how they can resolve the issue they can’t understand; well, there is no need to panic. You can quickly contact the KuCoin team on Chat Bot that appears on the bottom right of the screen or go on Service and then to Support Centre to communicate your issue. Suppose any problem regarding wrong deposits, withdrawal, or change of email address arises. In that case, these can be quickly resolved with the help of the chatbot. If the issue is very complex, you can also have a 24/7 live chat agent to help you.

One of the most critical questions on the platform is how to make the first trade; first, you must go to the KuCoin website and click on the Tab of Trade. After that, you have to click on Spot Trading. After that, you will have to choose your trading pair. If you are willing to buy Bitcoin, you have to check USDT price, share the details such as price, and decide on the option of buying or Selling. Once you see a preferable offer, accept it, and complete your first trade, it will be shown in trading history.

We hope that now you are informed about the cryptocurrency market. If so, start your journey with KuCoin, guaranteeing reliability, efficiency, and security on every transaction.

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