Freelance Medical Writer Career Overview

Careers in Medical and Scientific Writing

Freelance medical writers earn high salaries and are in top demand as the fields of science and medicine experience unprecedented growth.

Freelancing as a writer gives individuals the freedom to work their own hours and choose whether or not to accept projects. For writers who enjoy research and attention to detail, working as a freelance medical writer can be satisfying as well as profitable.

Freelance Medical Writer – Salaries

Working as a freelance medical writer is a lucrative profession, and medical writing skills are in high demand. Salary ranges for full-time medical writing jobs average $75,000 per annum, but the earning potential for a freelance medical writer with a degree in science, medicine, English, or journalism is strong.

According to the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) 2020 salary survey, “The average salary for medical writers who provide pro essay writing services exceeded $74,000 per year in 2020, according to the survey. Medical writers with advanced degrees averaged between $83,000 (for women) and $94,000 (for men).”

Freelance Medical Writer – Skills

What skills are needed to get started as a freelance medical writer? A shortlist of the expertise and qualifications needed is:

  • Exceptional writing skills – emphasis on logical thinking, clarity of communication, and accuracy.
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher, emphasis on scientific or medical background.
  • Ability to market self, work well independently or as part of a team, detail, and deadline oriented.
  • Exceptional research and computer skills combined with editing and proofreading expertise.

These skills help freelance medical writers land some jobs, but more effort is required to move from entry-level jobs to top-paying assignments. Freelance medical writers must upgrade or refresh skills by joining professional groups like the AMWA and network with peers and potential clients. Refining skills by taking online distance learning classes, particularly in the area of medical writing or biomedical communications is wise. Earning advanced degrees leads to higher earnings. Cutting-edge knowledge is crucial when vying for high-paying freelance work writing for the medical industry.

Finding Freelance Medical Writer Jobs

A potential freelance medical writer may possess the writing skill and professional background for medical writing but lack published clips to show prospective employers. Here are suggestions for ways to get started as a freelance medical writer in entry-level positions – try writing press releases for new products or new medical businesses. Contact the local newspapers and ask if they accept queries from freelance writers. If so, interview local doctors and scientists and submit the pieces to the newspaper. Research and publish tightly-written and concise material and use the clips to promote your work.

These medical essay writing services furnish a source of income while building a freelance medical writer portfolio and lead to a steady base of customers as well as higher-paying freelancing opportunities.

Freelance Medical Writer Industry Opportunities

What types of industries employ a freelance medical writer? Look for jobs as a freelance researcher, or for freelance editing and proofreading in the medical field if finding a writing position does not work. Some typical industries with freelancing opportunities are:

  • Pharmaceutical – advertising materials, copywriting for products, and brochures.
  • Journalism – journal articles, blogs, company newsletters, and marketing materials.
  • Medical – textbooks, educational or training materials, articles, and news items.
  • Marketing – broadcasting, and advertising materials.
  • Communication – regulatory documents, policy statements, and material data safety sheets.
  • Public health – brochures, newsletters, flyers, and information sheets.
  • Nursing – textbooks, training materials, and other related documents.
  • Science – reports, abstracts, and clinical studies.

As the need for updated information grows in this increasingly technological world, so does the demand for skilled individuals to provide freelance medical writing in a broad spectrum of industries and disciplines. The freelance medical writer producing accurate and concise content and honoring deadlines finds many freelancing opportunities.

Freelancing as a Medical Writer

Here are frequently asked questions about working as a freelance medical writer. The answers to these questions are sure to help with your essay writing or research paper:

  • What rights are sold and what rights are retained for copyright purposes?
  • Will the writing be under my byline or be ghost-writing?
  • Is payment one-time or are future earnings available?
  • What happens if the client is not satisfied?
  • How payment is calculated – hourly or flat rate?
  • Is a contract needed for medical writing jobs?
  • When is payment made?

Becoming a freelance medical writer is not for everyone, but those who pursue it earn high salaries, recognition, and prestige. A scientific or medical background coupled with a college degree is essential.

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