Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Generator

Electricity is one of the forms of energy that is necessary to human life. Electricity energy is used either at homes or places of work. Electricity provides light, cooking, and powering machines. People can get electrical energy from generators. The article will major on how to choose the right generator.

An electric generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. Generators are capable of supplying either direct or indirect current. Different types of generators are on sale in Kenya. However, before buying or selling a generator you should choose the right one. Below are the factors to consider before choosing the right generator.

Power Output of a Generator

Power output is the delivery of electric energy during one metering interval. People should know the quality of power needed for their appliances. This is done by having the appliances run on a generator, then checking on the power needed to start the appliances. Moreover, note the power ratings of the appliances to determine the total power they need.

However, the rating of a generator is different from that of the appliances. The power rating in a generator is in volt amps while that of appliances is in watts. Therefore, the power factor has to be considered when changing the rating from volt amps to watts.

Noise Level of the Generator

Generators produce noise during their work. The noise may disrupt some of the activities done around the area. Therefore, it is good to consider quality generators for sale in Kenya. Quality generators are environmentally friendly. They are quiet and friendlier for use. This also creates a comfortable environment for activities performed around.

Type of the Generator 

There are three types of generators; portable, stationary, and standby generators. Portable generators are the common types used because they can be moved easily to sites needed. Stationary generators are common in industrial and commercial use. Stationary generators provide power from their stationary point. Standby is permanently installed at homes to supply energy automatically in case of power failure.

Fuel Efficiency

Generators should have fuel-efficient engines. The engines will lower the costs and add more profits to a business. Liters per hour ratings help in determining the fuel efficiency of generators. Additionally, a generator should have a sizable refueling tank to avoid frequent refueling.

Safety Measures

Generators may cause damages if not properly used. People should take precautions on how to operate a generator and its safety measures.

The Cost of a Generator

Consider the price before buying a generator. The price of a generator depends on the size. Big and more powerful Generators for sale in Kenya are expensive. However, the small in size and less powerful are cheap.


Generators are investments. They save on the costs of buying other forms of energy in case of power failure. Generators come in different types depending on your choice. However, before choosing a generator, consider the factors discussed above for guidance to choose the right one. For more, check

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