Expert Review Of FTMO Trading

One of the most rapidly expanding proprietary trading companies with funded trading accounts is FTMO. 90% of gains are given to financed traders. The tradable assets are stocks, indices, commodities, forex, and digital currencies. Your journey through the FTMO Challenge, including the registration procedure, member dashboard, and trading platforms, is facilitated by this FTMO trading review. We also examine the price, trading objective specifics, and the evaluation process more closely.

Why should I join FTMO?

  • Trading is tricky. You will encounter numerous typical issues as a trader, including:
  • Trading with a too-small account (undercapitalization).
  • Fear of financial loss.
  • Psychological pressures.
  • lack of discipline
  • Growth restrictions.
  • Insufficient assistance from others

As a trader, it is challenging to support yourself. You can control the FTMO Account with a starting balance of up to $400,000 by working with the FTMO Prop Trading business. If you make money on the FTMO Account, our proprietary trading firm will keep between 10% and 20% of the profits and pay you up to 90% of the earnings. However, it must be noted that this is the best-case scenario and that traders may have periods during which they lose money. Trading is generally a dangerous activity.

Expert Review Of FTMO Trading

The managing prop business known as FTMO operates under the same tenets as a prop company. An aspiring trader must pass a two-stage active trading test to be given money under management. The maximum daily loss that can occur, the overall loss, and the target profit level are all specified at each step. Even if the terms of the prop firm are generally fair, it might be challenging to manage them. No matter the testing package selected, the maximum loss is 10%. For comparison, other prop businesses may allow 15% to 20% drawdowns.

FTMO offers a comparatively inexpensive test cost starting at €155, despite the stringent standards for the test period. In contrast, most businesses in this industry charge an admission fee of €400–€500 for passing the test. The availability of MT4/MT5 standard platforms is another benefit. While FTMO uses conventional media, most other prop firms have their own or customized ones. This enables you to use any personal indicators and advisers you have developed and refined in the MetaTrader testing.

I still have a reasonable opinion about FTMO. But after examining the circumstances, it is evident that taking the test without any prior trading expertise is pointless. Testing settings are advantageous for people skilled at managing risk and previously working with a demo account. On the company’s platform, though, you can also accumulate experience. A complimentary test is identical to a paid test in every way.

What Kind of Income Can Funded Traders Expect?

The regulations of the proprietary corporation and your skills determine how much money you will make funded traders. How much of your earnings you can keep relies on how much you make, but the company’s regulations concerning profit splitting will decide how much you can take. 50% of $1,000,000, for instance, is greater than 50% of $500,000. Your talent is what matters, therefore. You won’t receive a sizable portion of the company’s revenues after you know the restrictions and apply yourself diligently and shrewdly with the information you have acquired.

What’s the process for funded trading accounts?

A two-step method is connected to funded trading accounts. New traders must demonstrate the ability to generate profits over a longer time frame. Second, following the completion of the evaluation phase, the trader is granted full access to a funded trading account and is entitled to a revenue share of up to 100% of net earnings.

Will I be able to trade using funds?

Most businesses demand that traders demonstrate their skills during an appraisal period. Those responsible for funded traders’ accounts are those who are successful in achieving the profit target. Additionally, some businesses provide instant funding accounts for more significant participation costs.


The best proprietary trading company for FX traders is FTMO. The guidelines for the FTMO Challenge and the Verification procedure are transparent and well-documented. Both the price and the supported trading tools are well-liked by traders. Our proprietary trading firm’s account, where we create cash flow, is linked to the FTMO Account. If you make money on the FTMO Account, our proprietary trading firm will keep between 10% and 20% of the profits and pay you up to 90% of the earnings.

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