Everyone can have beautiful skin

When it comes to the beauty of girls The first thing that anyone thinks of is probably the organs. That comes from the facial zone mainly โฟมล้างหน้า , whether it is eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, because these organs, we have known each other with familiarity. It is what determines the beauty of each woman.

But there’s actually something else that takes up space throughout the body เจลล้างหน้า , enveloping bones and muscles. And is the first line of defense to protect our body is my skin.

Ladies, we all focus on only the parts of our bodies that we think are attractive. but overlooked that Skin is something else that means something. And it is also a shining beauty for us if we turn to take care of our skin to care for the face only.

Although each part of the skin does not convey every molecule. some are hidden inside some are shining not under clothes But no matter what part of the skin We must pay attention to take care of them equally. Because each part of the skin is a part of the body that we need to focus on.

In addition, the skin is a messenger that the internal body needs to indicate our health. how is this period Did you drink too little water? Too much maintenance is lacking. Starting to have more uninvited wrinkles… which signals from these skin It will help us turn more attention to health as well.

Beautiful face, beautiful eyes, beautiful nose, beautiful lips, beautiful skin, too. Turn to pay more attention to your skin. Guarantee that your beauty will definitely increase!

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dark spots…. lose confidence

dot…dot…dot… It’s another story that’s not a little frustrating at all. When the acne has passed, the blemishes are gone, but there are still traces left for us to look at. in the form of little dots to distract or dark spots caused by abnormal pigments that cause the face to have more spots

Dark spots are the abnormal melanin production in the body, which is the production of dark pigments. increase at some point It can cause the skin to become dark spots.

Origin….black spots

  1. Sunlight: is the main cause of dark spots on our skin. Because sunlight has UV rays, which when UV rays hit our skin a lot. It will cause the skin to produce melanosides. (cells that produce melanin in the skin) have increased melanin production at the sun’s rays. can cause dark spots
  2. Acne: dark spots caused by acne. It comes from many reasons, including sheep, picking, scratching during acne. until causing dark spots or scars caused by acne with severe inflammation until leaving a mark which dark spots caused by acne If it’s not a very large and obvious mark, it will be able to erase itself.
  3. Age and Hormones: Increasing age also affects the hormonal changes in the body that will cause wear and tear in the skin and cause dark spots. come up as well

Eliminate weak points! before dark spots

  1. Apply sunscreen with SPF 50 or higher: to protect against UV rays from sunlight that can cause dark spots on the face. And don’t forget if you have to go out in the sun You should also wear long sleeves, an umbrella, or a sun visor with you.
  2. Take antioxidant supplements: such as vitamin C. Because the body’s free radicals, for example, may be from stress. It will result in stimulating the pigment to be darker than it is. Dark spots may be more noticeable. Darker melasma taking vitamin C It may cause the blemish to be diluted.
  3. Use a nourishing night cream with ingredients that inhibit melanin production: it will help lighten existing dark spots.
  4. Add vitamin C into the body: Vitamin C has properties that help make the skin more beautiful by creating collagen to the skin. Make the skin clear up. If we eat vitamin C Or fruits that contain vitamin C, such as oranges and guavas on a regular basis. It will help the skin to be healthier. and reduce dark spots
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