DVB-S2 modulation extensions and other advances


We noted in Chapter 1 that business factors that impact the industry at press time include the user’s desire for higher overall satellite channel and system throughput. Evolving applications, whether in the context of the delivery of High Definition HD, Ultra HD, or Internet access for people on the move (on airplanes or ships), drive the operator’s need for higher channel throughput. Beyond the intrinsic radio channel behavior, modulation and error correction dictate, in large measure, the performance of the satellite link, the effective channel throughput, and the service availability that one is able to obtain over the satellite link.

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Modulation schemes

Enhanced modulation schemes allow users to increase channel throughput: refined modulation and coding techniques are now being introduced as standardized solutions embedded in next-generation modems that provide more bits per second per unit of spectrum. Specifically, extensions to the well-established baseline DVB-S2 standard are now being introduced in the market. Adaptive coding that is incorporated with the new modulation schemes enables more efficient use of the higher frequency bands that are intrinsically susceptible to rain-fade.

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The first part of the chapter provides a foundation for the modulation and Forward Error Correction (FEC) discussion; the second part then focuses on the recent advances for ground-based elements of the satellite ecosystem, specifically DVB-S extensions known as DVB-S2X. The last part of the chapter briefly covers Carrier ID. The concept of Intelligent Inverse Multiplexing for satellite applications is also discussed. Brief mention is made of High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)/ITU-T H.265, as another aspect of ground-related advances expected to impact the industry.

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