Do You Think Cats Are Protective?

Animal experts say that an overprotective cat is a fearful cat. But before you invest money on a warning sign which says beware of cats, try to work on ways that will help you calm your cat. Take help from your veterinarian; they might suggest behavioral treatment. It is best to opt for such treatment because you don’t want your cat to be fearful of every person who comes to you. If you find behavioral therapy or other medical treatment associated with your cat’s fear too expensive, get kitten insurance Nz. Finding cheap pet insurance is straightforward in the 21st century because you can get a pet insurance quote online. Finding an insurance policy is not a difficult task anymore when you check online.

Understanding why pets behave the way they do can help pet owners to take the best care of their pets. It is fantastic to have pets at home, but they can’t express their actions in words. So, as a responsible pet parent, it is essential to observe and understand your pet’s behavior.

How protective are cats?

Pet owners might not realize, but cats observe their owners extensively. Living in this digital era, people have come across many videos which show cats trying to protect a child from a ferocious dog and succeeding in the end. In simple words, cats love their family, and the family loves them back. That is why, whenever they sense a threat, they become defensive. Last, cats have razor-sharp blades and excellent hearing abilities to keep their pet parents safe.

Cats are excellent predators, which can be one reason they can protect their pet parents. But, humans are big and scary to some cats, and it’s their wild instincts that make them defend their territory and their pet parents. It feels good to hear that your furry baby is running to help you, but your furry baby might not observe the situation similarly as you do. Animal behaviorist Dr. John Bradshaw, in National Geographic, explains this cat behavior by saying that if you find your cat trying to protect you or someone, they are just following their instincts.

Specific signs of overprotective cat behavior:

Overprotective behavior can form a pattern and reach a point of aggression. If you find your cat becoming aggressive, you need to look for triggers that throw your cat into a defensive mode.

Seven basic physical features that cat shows in their defensive mode are:

  • Dilated eyes
  • Pointed ears turned out like satellite dishes
  • Sharp, quick tail movements
  • Crouched stance
  • Exposed teeth and claws
  • Hissing, growling, or screeching
  • Biting or scratching

Dogs are always considered very protective of their owners, whereas cats are always regarded as aloof. But, few recent studies have found that cats can be as protective as dogs. Isn’t that great? But, research also says that cats can become overprotective and such situations should be handled properly. If you are a cat parent and have wondered how protective cats can be, I hope this article has helped solve your queries.

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