Directors of Finance with SEO experience


It might be surprising to discover that some senior Finance professionals are also Search Marketing experts, we are a senior Finance recruitment service based in London and we have a good number of such candidates on our books.

Search Marketing

Getting a website to appear well in the Search results known as Search Engine Results Placement or SERPS for short is a specialised area which involves the careful refinement of the pages of a website to ensure they are as focussed as possible on the phrase or phrases that you would like them to perform for.   This therefore requires good writing skills as text needs to be written which is help and informative for the user whilst at the same time being optimised for the Search Engines themselves.

SEO also involves the marketing of the site in such a way as to attract or to place backlinks to the website using hyperlinks to the pages that are being promoted, sometimes these hyperlinks contain text being the phrases which are being targeting, in which case they are known as anchor text links.

Both tasks need to be undertaken together and in such a way as they don’t trip the filters of the Search Engines designed to filter out sites that are trying to artificially gain success.

Finance Directors

A Finance Director or FD is the most senior Financial professional within a business and often is responsible for the IT of an organisation as well as its administration.  Accountants are trained to become experts in their finance field but not usually in IT.   As the area of SEO and Search Marketing fits within the IT field you can appreciate how a Senior Accountant can become involved in the Online marketing of a website.

When a financial professional then sets up a business of their own, then these skills can be put to good use to promote their own web assets.

FD Capital Recruitment

Here are FD Capital Recruitment we have very good candidates who have done exactly as the above describes, moved from Accountant to Finance Director acquired SEO and Search Marketing skills along the way, setup their own businesses as entrepreneurs where they could make use of these skills to make money for their themselves and their business.  These candidates have now sold their businesses and moved on, but they retain their knowledge and skills.

Unusually we have a good number of these on our books, and some are world class accountants and Search Marketing experts.

How can I make use of their skill set?

If you own and run a business in the UK and particularly if its in the London or the South-east areas, then we have candidates with these very skill sets available to hire on a day rate or longer-term basis.  They can use their skills to help you deliver online success at the same time as raising funds from Private Equity houses or Venture Capital funds.

So, the types of business where such a hybrid Financial and SEO professional could add maximum value include:

  • Technology businesses
  • SaaS tech businesses
  • A traditional business that is moving its model online such as high street shops
  • An existing E-Commerce business that needs to raise funds
  • A start-up business that needs a professional to help development online and financially
  • A business with technical issues with its website

There are many other potential uses that such a skill set could be used to improve profitability.

What sort of costs are involved?

A senior finance professional with specialist knowledge does not come cheaply and particularly if that professional is based in London.   A day rate for an FD starts at £500 per day, and for one with SEO expert level knowledge that rate is between £750 and £1,250 per day.  They can make a very significant difference so that price is well worth paying, when their skill sets can make a big difference to the revenue of a company.

FD Capital Recruitment

We are a London based niche recruiter of Finance Directors and CFOs, but as you will gather from reading this article, we also offer specialist skill sets, these range from SEO, through to business turnarounds and bilingual Accountants.   To learn more about how we can help your business particularly with Digital Savvy Finance Director Recruitment, please visit our website and reach out to our team today.

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