Dangerous drugs to never do and in case you have done them, what should you do?

There are three most dangerous drugs that are considered illegal in many countries around the globe, and the only reason they are not considered illegal in some countries is because there is no law over there regarding these drugs because these countries just are not aware of the fact that a good number of crimes that are committed are because of these illegal drugs. In countries that are considered First World, these are the drugs that are the most dangerous:

These drugs are the most dangerous and they are even more dangerous in Second and Third World countries because these types of countries are not even aware of the activities regarding and because of these drugs that are happening day in and day out. These drugs are causing a scene every now and then and are the reason for a good number of crime rates. According to a research done at New York University, it was reported that areas that had awareness of the harmful effects of these three drugs had lower crime rates, but these crimes rates were probably lower due to the availability of rehab centers as rehab centers tend to spread awareness for drug addiction and the more there is awareness regarding drugs that are bad for you, Casco Bay Recovery the lesser the chances of them occurring as a problem in your life.

So, the drugs that are dangerous are marijuana, heroin, and cocaine. All of these drugs work in different ways. Marijuana for starters works by increasing the stimulations of the senses. All five senses are stimulated due to the chemicals inside marijuana. Marijuana is also called weed and it can be easily available everywhere because marijuana in the United States is legal in some states and some states where it is illegal, there are still people that are selling and buying them. People say that there are benefits of marijuana but in reality there only have been recorded disadvantages of marijuana. Excessive usage of marijuana can give you the following defects:

  • If marijuana is used in excessive amounts, it can increase the chances of you developing lung diseases, heart diseases, respiratory diseases, breathing issues, and mental issues over time.
  • Marijuana increases the senses by tenfold, and during this time, the heartbeat of a marijuana user is faster than a normal person. The problem here is that during this time a person is most likely to suffer a heart attack.
  • Pregnant women can cause mental retardation in their newborns if they keep taking weed during their pregnancy period.

Other than the harmful effects of marijuana, heroin is another dangerous drug that can reduce the workings of natural opioids in the body and replace them with artificial ones. The body then starts to stop developing natural opioids for a long period of time after discontinuing the drug. Till that point, the body has to rely on heroin, but that would make it worse overtime hence why rehab centers during treatment of heroin addiction give alternate drugs that are safe and won’t disrupt the recovery of natural opioids production.

When it comes to cocaine, which replaces the natural dopamine in the brain and clogs the brain cells due to overproduction of dopamine. The brain becomes less receptive towards dopamine, so the person has to take even more cocaine to feel the effects of dopamine. After discontinuation, the patient has to take alternate medicines for dopamine production, usually anti-depressant pills are taken until natural production of dopamine starts again.

These are the things that can happen if you take these three dangerous drugs and get addicted to them. In case of addiction, there is only one thing to do, and that is to get treatment through rehab centers. To get started, check here.

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