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Corten Steel: What is it and How to Use it for Landscaping

If you’ve done some research about landscaping and landscaping materials for your property, chances are that you’ve probably come across weathering steel, or as it’s sometimes referred to, Corten steel. But what exactly is Corten steel and how can you use it? In this blog post, we examine what Corten steel is and discover the different functions it can have in a landscaping project.

What is Corten Steel? 

Corten or weathering steel is a term typically used to refer to a group of steel alloys that are designed specifically to resist outdoor conditions. Landscapers and construction experts typically use this material for outdoor builds. 

Corten steel has a layer of rust that develops over several years of weathering and exposure to the elements. This rust layer, also known as a patina, helps to protect the steel from any damage that might be caused from environmental conditions. The unique shade of Corten steel is mesmerising but can only be achieved by using the material. Corten steel is also long-lasting, and its durability means that regular painting and maintenance are not necessary.

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What Can You Use Corten Steel For?

Corten steel has many uses in landscaping and other outdoor projects. It is an incredibly common and popular material due to its malleability and durability. Here are some of the most common uses of Corten steel that you can consider adopting in your own landscaping or building projects:

Corten Steel Retaining Walls

Corten steel makes for a great material in the construction of retaining walls. You can use these structures to delineate your property or segment it into different clearly demarcated sections. The material’s high tensile strength ensures that it can withstand the pressure and weight of the sediment or soil that it holds up.

In addition, Corten steel is also able to withstand the moisture that typically builds up behind retaining walls. The rust that it develops will help to protect the Corten steel retaining wall and ensure that it doesn’t deteriorate over time.

Corten Steel Structures

Corten steel is also used in the construction of many public structures such as bridges, bicycle hoops and tree grilles. It requires low maintenance and is thus an affordable material for building outdoor structures with.

In addition, the weathered look that Corten steel has can also be attractive and can give a structure a more refined look. Some property owners may also use Corten steel to construct small structures such as planters for shrubs, bushes and flowers. 

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