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Closely Review: Is it Good or Bad to Your LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has evolved into more than just a job search platform. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for exploring new prospects and learning about their requirements and preferences. It’s a platform where your marketing ideas take on new shapes. I if you want to reach a wider audience, you can’t avoid using technology. So, in lead-generating endeavors, automation tools have been marketer’s partners for a long time.

One such automation tool is ‘Closely’. In this article, we are going to take a look at Closely – one of the most ambitious tools available for LinkedIn outreach and prospecting. Learn a lot of interesting information about LinkedIn and marketing on their blog –

Closely – An Overview

Simply put, Closely is a LinkedIn lead generation platform. The tool serves to highlight the significance of integrating several lead generation strategies. Closely assists you in streamlining procedures and closing more deals, which is every sales team’s ultimate goal. Closely emphasizes the necessity of being heard in today’s over-communicated world on its website, advising you to take a deliberate approach while also experimenting with your outreach using its advanced and powerful features.

Personalization is a prerequisite in digital sales. Closely indicates that it can cover all of your LinkedIn outreach processes and assist in the development of outreach strategies as well as the rapid adjustment of such efforts in response to market needs and changes.

Closely Interface

Closely could not be easier to use in terms of UX: it has a clear design and simple navigation, as well as no obstacles or glitches, allowing you to have a smooth experience and quickly integrate it into your workflow. Read more about:  la senorita

Closely features

Closely has all of the essential characteristics for automated outreach, such as:

  • Using all of LinkedIn’s advanced search filters
  • integrating with Sales Navigator
  • importing CSV files with prospects

People who use the same product like yours, those from similar industries, and those in relevant jobs should all be considered while looking for the ideal clients.

Closely allows you to extract people from groups and messages and import them as a CSV file. It enables you to launch automatic campaigns for each potential group. The campaign building process is also completely customizable. Each campaign has its own name, time delay, and personalization placeholders, which you may customize. You may create a complete campaign sequence in just a few clicks and have it run in the background.


Closely is a reasonably priced option. Its most basic package will set you back $49 per month for one account.

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You can buy a LinkedIn automation starter system with all the capabilities you need to create successful outreach campaigns for a relatively low price.


LinkedIn is open and upfront about automated tools, and it’s ready to combat them. All of the extensions are easily identifiable and represent a significant danger of having your account suspended.

Closely isn’t a web browser add-on. It’s cloud-based and resembles human behavior, making it a good workaround for LinkedIn’s ban on automation. This software will not send more messages per day than a human can. It also takes breaks between campaigns and sets a weekly limit on the number of connection requests.

So, you are safe from getting your account suspended.


When it comes to campaign tracking, it’s vital to have all of your data in one place so you can see where you’re thriving and where you can improve. generates easy-to-understand reports that assist you in making faster decisions and removing unproductive initiatives on time.

One of the most crucial aspects of outreach initiatives is comprehensive analytics. You may learn about your audience and design customized campaigns to target your prospects with highly relevant offers by figuring out what messages don’t work for you right on time.

Combining closely with your lead-generating process can significantly improve the quality of your sales funnel. Closely is one of the best tools for automating outreach and lead nurturing on LinkedIn, thanks to its user-friendly UI and several automated features.

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