CBD Dog Treats To Calm A Nervous Dog

Seeing your puppy run for the hills or whimper and shiver on the spot when surrounding noises are too loud, or a situation is overwhelming can be heartbreaking, and no one deserves to feel like that not human nor animal.

We have the responsibility to make them feel safe and secure at all times possible and earn their trust in knowing they can rely on us to be there for them. Sometimes we become complacent and assume that they can evaluate and assess an event or external stimuli and move on, but this is not always the case and this is where we need to step in.


You may have had the big heart to adopt a dog from the pound as certainly too many are left to fend for themselves and end up in the adoption homes waiting to be taken care of and loved by a new family. This makes it trickier when it means trying to calm your new dog down as they may have been through a highly stressful event and are living each day in fear.

There are a lot of reasons as to why a dog may be nervous, some more obvious and evident than others, let’s see what some of the points may be, and this way you can identify if your four-legged friend is showing any of the signs.

  • No matter the species, being left alone (and more than likely at a very young age and in some extreme cases from birth) is a traumatic experience not easily overcome without a lot of support and love. Feeling close to someone and then waking up the next day to find they have simply left is enough to cause a severe downward spiral mentally, physically, and worst of all emotionally.

If you have adopted a dog that was once abandoned and doing everything in your power to make them feel safe and loved, then take a look here for an interesting article on the topic, it may be an interesting read but also handy for some quick tips to take on board.

  • Hoping in the car and heading to the park or the beach for a stroll may be a regular event in your household, but just hearing the sound of the engine or seeing the vehicle can make a dog run and hide. They may well have been locked in it for hours while the owners went shopping or out for lunch, heat exhaustion plays a big role on their mental stability, and simply wanting to get out and away from the car may take some ‘un-training’ classes, as it were.

Even dogs can get into habits and routines and the only way to get them out of it is to take the training back to the beginning, this helps to establish what behaviors are good and expected from both the owner and the dog, and they will come to realize that the way they were treated before was not right.

  • Your kid may be asking why the puppy is running away when they lift the ball to throw it in the traditional play of fetch, but there could be a deeper meaning as to why. Seeing a human raise their hand or arm could bring back negative memories of being abused, beaten, and tormented by their previous owners. We have to try our best to show them that we would never do that to them and that they are loved unconditionally.

If you are not sure if they have been previously beaten then click this link to have a quick overview of the signs and if so, get professional and medical advice as soon as possible on how best to treat and manage them.

Diet can play a significant role in how we initiate a routine and good habits, and when the meal plan consists of natural and organic ingredients you are one step closer to your goal.

The world of CBD.

You may or may not have heard about this plant compound but what you must know is that this humble foliage is taking the world by storm and shows no signs of slowing down.

Cannabidiol is a naturally grown plant compound of the Hemp flower which has a significantly large list of health positives, one of them being mental maintenance and the regulation of the neuro system responsible for message pulses being sent throughout the body and brain.

These pulses are essentially the core to our reactions in a situation and when they are regulated we better evaluate our external stimuli and weigh up the stress and danger factors. The same goes for dogs, and which is why the cbd dog treats calming effect is so sought after, who wouldn’t want to give their furry family member a doggy biscuit infused with naturally calming ingredients?

Not only do they look good but they are filled with vitamins and minerals needed by our puppies for their daily activities. Within a few months of a CBD-infused diet, you will see the results and be thankful you gave it a try, not only will your dog have an improved outlook on life, but most likely be by your side on fireworks night enjoying the festivities with you. Win-win.

All we ever want is for our dogs to be a part of our family and to know they have a loving support system by their side, it takes time, but you will get there. best CBD dog treats for calming

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