Can Chronic Alcoholism Be Fatal?

In reality, there is a huge number of people who drink alcoholic beverages on a daily basis. The majority of them do it for fun, to be a part of social gatherings, bar parties, birthdays, among others. In fact, there is nothing wrong with drinking alcoholic beverages if it is done in moderation. As early as age 16, individuals may already have tasted liquor even if minors are not yet allowed to do so because this is the trend. But when drinking becomes uncontrollable and the urge of always wanting to drink more never leaves the mind, then alcoholism has now been 100% certified!

  • Alcoholism has three major stages. The first stage is where a person experiences a wonderful feeling of escaping the pain of reality, and the effect of alcohol makes him or her calm and soothed.
  • The second stage is where a person develops a dependency on alcohol and loses the ability to perceive things in a normal manner. They usually develop violent behavior and a very short temper when they are drunk, and a change in their physical looks is evident in a negative way.
  • The third stage is the worst! In this stage, a person develops chronic alcoholism, which is far worse than the second stage; here, the body will take the toll of having too much alcohol. This stage can be fatal, and actually taking addiction medicine becomes mandatory.

It is a better reality that a chronic alcoholic may die due to multiple organ failures. Alcohol will slowly rip the tissues of internal organs, and it starts with the liver, which filters the toxins on our body and clots the arteries, which, in turn, will cause the heart to malfunction and prevent the oxygen from being distributed to the brain.

Chronic alcohol abuse will result in liver cirrhosis, an illness that causes the liver to rupture and spill the toxins into the bloodstream, and it will assure a painful death to any chronic alcoholic. People who suffer from this disease will experience rapid weight loss, yellow discoloration of the skin, and a bloated, stiff, and painful stomach will be observed. Truly, a disease that will slowly, painfully, and surely kill a person if he or she is not treated at an early stage.

Chronic alcoholism may also include symptoms of dementia or memory loss. It is because too much alcohol will steal away a person’s psychomotor ability, and therefore mental and body coordination will fail.

Thus, it is evident that chronic alcohol consumption is really fatal. Hundreds of chronic alcoholics die every year, and people should be aware of the negative effects of excessive drinking! Though modern technology may help end-stage alcoholics to recover, it cannot reverse all the negative effects of the disease chronic drinking has brought about. So, if you see signs of alcoholism in you, you need to act fast and seek medical help for addiction treatment. You should not be dumb enough to get consumed by alcohol. You only have one life, and you cannot afford to throw it away with alcoholic beverages.

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