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Buying Property in Belize

If you’re looking for an affordable Caribbean vacation or retirement haven, consider buying property in Remax Belize. The country offers foreigners the same ownership rights as locals and has several tax advantages to make it a great choice for off-shore investment.

Purchasing land in Belize is very easy, with no licenses or permits required. Plus, there is no Capital Gains Tax.


Belize is a unique place to invest in land, whether it’s by the beach, on a small island or nestled in the rainforest. The country boasts a stunning Caribbean coastline, hundreds of small islands and a rich, vibrant interior.

Buying land in Remax Belize is a great way to get started building your dream home or investment property. There are thousands of acres of vacant land for sale in Belize and many different locations to choose from.

The best part is that land in Belize has a low price tag and is a great investment. This country is a fast growing market and there’s plenty of room for development.

Buying land in Belize is easier than buying a house or condo, as you own the property outright and don’t have to pay monthly maintenance fees, and property taxes are minimal. It’s also very easy to find financing, either through owner, seller or vendor financing at a much lower rate than local banks.


If you’re looking for a home in Belize, condominiums can be a great option. They offer many benefits including low maintenance and affordable prices.

Another great advantage is the security of living in a condo. Most units are gated, so you can feel safe at all times.

Aside from being a more social place, condominiums are also the most affordable of the three residential property options. They are great for first-time buyers or those who don’t spend much time at home and are primarily renting out their condos for income.

In Belize, there are a wide variety of condos for sale on Ambergris Caye, San Pedro and Placencia. These range from re-sale condos to new construction condos in internationally branded luxury beach resorts.


If you’re looking for a home in Belize, there are many options to choose from. The country offers a variety of housing styles, from eco-friendly to luxury properties.

One of the best things about buying a home in Belize is that it’s incredibly affordable. Prices are comparable to Costa Rica and much lower than in other Caribbean Central American countries.

The government protects foreign investors, making it a popular destination for those looking to relocate or retire. It also has a legal system based on common law and English as an official language, which is an asset for foreign buyers.

While Ambergris Caye is the most popular tourism destination in Belize, there are still plenty of homes for sale inland. These include towns and eco-centric communities in the Cayo region, which are favored by real estate investors and retirees.


The Belize real estate market has risen to prominence in recent years, especially as the country continues to expand its tourism industry. Its pristine beaches and stunning natural beauty attract a variety of tourists, including Americans and Europeans who move here to retire.

Affordability is another key selling point, making the country a great place to invest in property. Homes are typically less expensive in Belize than in neighboring countries, and undeveloped land is available for very low prices.

It’s also one of the few countries in Central America that allows foreigners to purchase land with equal rights to a Belize citizen. This is a significant advantage because it means that a foreigner can own their Belize property outright instead of being forced to lease it, as is common in many other jurisdictions.

In addition, Belize is a tax haven and imposes very low taxes on real estate purchases. This is particularly appealing for investors who buy a piece of Belize real estate and then sell it at a profit, avoiding Capital Gains Tax.

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