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If you’re in search of cheap glasses, ABBE Glasses is your go-to destination. Our vast selection of stylish frames come at unbeatably low prices that won’t break your budget.

When choosing eyeglass lenses for your prescription glasses, the quality of your lenses makes a big difference in how well they perform. Lenses come in an array of materials and each has unique properties.


Frames are an integral component of a pair of glasses. Not only do they give your spectacles shape and texture, but also how well they fit over your prescription lenses.

Your choice of frames plays an integral role in how clear your vision is and how comfortable they are to wear. ABBE Glasses offers a vast selection of frame styles to select from.

When selecting a frame, it’s beneficial to know the material the lens is made from. This will affect how heavy the lenses are, their accuracy in refraction, and how long they last.

Eyeglasses are typically constructed out of either polycarbonate or Trivex plastic, both offering excellent UV protection and making them suitable for occupational and sports activities that could potentially cause eye harm.


Looking for ways to save money on your eyewear? Check out our range of cheap glasses. Lenses are the primary component of eyeglasses that correct your vision and shield your eyes from harmful rays. They play a significant role in how well a pair of glasses functions, so it’s essential to select lenses tailored to fit your prescription and specific visual requirements.

Lens types vary when selecting glasses, each offering its own advantages and drawbacks. By understanding these distinctions, you’ll be able to determine the most suitable lens type for your individual prescription and needs.

When selecting lenses, the following factors must be taken into account: Abbe value, index of refraction and anti-reflective coating. A high Abbe value indicates a material is optically clear while a low one implies scattering light.

Cleaning Kit

ABBE Glasses offers an extensive selection of high-quality prescription glasses and accessories, as well as a cleaning kit to keep your eyewear looking pristine. Furthermore, they have a 14-day return policy for frames you don’t like.

Many types of cleaners exist, from straightforward sprays and wipes to more robust solutions like microfiber cloths or ultrasonic eyeglass cleaners. Finding the ideal glasses cleaner is essential for keeping your glasses free from dust, oil, and hair without scratching or causing other damage.

The Peeps eyeglass cleaner is an economical, basic option perfect for on-the-go users who need to get rid of debris quickly and conveniently. It features two carbon microfiber pads at opposite ends of a clip with cover to prevent passive dust accumulation when not in use.


A frame and lens warranty is an excellent way to avoid expensive repairs in the future, and ABBE Glasses offers an outstanding warranty with their frames and lenses.

ABBE Glasses boasts a 14-day return policy that allows customers to exchange or return goods without hesitation – proof positive that they value their customers’ wellbeing. This shows ABBE Glasses truly cares about their customers.

Their warranty is unique in the industry and may be one of the reasons they’ve become so popular.

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