Benefits of Couples Massage

It is already well known that all massages have benefits, but Couples Massage has specific benefits that we want you to know after a long day, a couple can choose this moment to talk or simply relax and enjoy a unique experience together.

At Singapore Massage we know how difficult it is for most couples to spend quality time together, and a couple’s massage can be the way to enhance feelings of affection and intimacy by releasing hormones like endorphins in the body connection with your partner. Living the experience of a massage with your partner, you can both enjoy a relaxing, deconstructing, combined, Heaven and Earth massage, beauty ritual or any of the treatments that you will find in our outcall massage singapore.  Sharing this moment will create an even stronger connection, if possible, between you and your partner.

Massages are shared well-being: you know that your partner may be under stress or you yourself may be. The body receives everything emotional and also physical, so professional massages help give your body that lost well-being. What better than feeling good being together As massages improve lymphatic and blood circulation, this is noticeable in a more attractive skin for the contact of caresses and foreplay, so you will obtain greater sexual pleasure and your sensuality will be unmatched, so you will also make your partner enjoy the sex like never before Without stress, sensuality soars, you and your partner will have an incredible relationship of complicity and sex will be an opportunity to practice new sensual and pleasurable experiences.

By receiving the couple’s massage in the same room, with a warm atmosphere, relaxing music, soft scents, it will allow you to disconnect and focus on both you and your partner’s intimacy, thus achieving a moment of intimacy and connection that will last longer. in the time Unique experience: Couples massage is not something usual, so you can live a unique experience, where you can enjoy quality time in a quiet and special environment. In KoruMasajes we personalize your massage, coming as a couple does not mean that you do the same treatment, each one can get rid of muscular and mental tensions with the treatment you want, the important thing is to help you get a wonderful rest.

Couples Massage does not have to be exceptionally with your partner, it can be with your sister, your mother, your father, your cousin, a friend… You just need to choose a person with whom you want to share this moment, and time to promote more intense bonds with a special connection Endorphins: With the Couples Massage, you will release endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. This will make you feel in heaven and end your experience with a smile on your face. These hormones named above are called hormones of happiness, they are chemical substances that influence our state of health and have great effects on our state of mind, which we will enhance by pampering and taking care of you throughout the massage.

Spending quality time together is a great benefit, and we believe that it is one of the most important. Currently, with our pace of life, sometimes we do not dedicate as much time as necessary and as much as we would like, neither to ourselves nor to the people around us and those we love Many times, the routine leads us to disconnect from our bodies and emotions, so in the Month of Love and Friendship we propose some reasons why you should consider reserving a space to spend with your partner, getting out of the routine, and proposing a positive experience: massages for two.

Couples massages help you find a moment in common: surely you understand. Between work, obligations, tasks and others, finding a space with your partner is difficult. During the massage we help you find the balance of your body, freeing yourself from tensions you may have. With the body and mind clearer, the massages help to unite them again. It’s not magic: when you feel better, you can achieve better interaction with others. If you’ve ever had a massage, you know what I’m talking about Massages connect them from another space: have you ever had a couple’s massage? Seeking well-being together is something that every couple does; however doing it using massages is something very unique. And it allows you to find a different intimacy with him or her. Going to a spa with your partner is a unique sensation, since the two of you are experiencing a return to balance, to enjoyment, to well-being. Try it and you will see what I say!

Enjoying a massage as a couple is romantic and whoever says otherwise, let it be that it is relaxing, that reason is not lacking. In addition, it improves your well-being and of course, the health of your relationship. But to enjoy it to the fullest, it is better to choose an appropriate center and a massage modality that suits your tastes, and also your pockets. Let us help you find the best deal for you The important thing is to share this rewarding experience with another person, don’t worry, you’ll be properly covered! It’s also a great way to encourage a friend who is shy about massages to get one for the first time.

Living a relaxing experience together brings many benefits to your relationship, among which is improving circulation, the immune system, draining toxins and making your skin bright and healthy. The shared experience of receiving a relaxing massage as a couple, in the comfort of our home or in a special environment, generates great benefits for your relationship, improving aspects such as communication, romanticism, complicity and of course the well-being of the other. .  We currently live a race against time where stress, exhaustion and thousands of occupations do not allow us to share quality time with our family and especially with our partner It is important to pause and look for alternatives that allow us to rediscover ourselves and our partner, and thus manage to keep love, complicity and joint happiness alive.

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