BDSwiss Review 2022: Best forex brokers in south Africa

BDSwiss is a global trading company that was founded in 2012 and has since surpassed Markets to rank among the top trading groupings. BDSwiss currently serves an elite Member club with more than 1.5 million traders in addition to more than 1.5 million registered clients from more than 186 countries. In South Africa online trading is also on peak so you can visit this link best forex brokers in south Africa to choose the best one. Since Switzerland is where the company was founded, its strong foundation is supported by the excellent environment it created. Since then, a global operating group has been offering online trading services out of offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Tirana, Albania, and Pristina, Kosovo.

BDSwiss Key Features

Award-Winning Trading Circumstances: BDSwiss offers exceptional conditions, from extremely tight starting spreads to institutional quality liquidity and powerful tools.

World Finance awarded BDSwiss the Best Trading Conditions award for 2019 in recognition of the broker’s outstanding services. Multiple forex trading platforms uk are working but the trustworthy platforms are less in numbers. We also received this honor for 2020.

Institutional Grade Liquidity: As part of BDSwiss’s mission to offer traders the best possible trading environment, its excellent liquidity strategy is second to none. For all assets offered through the platform, traders are welcome to take advantage of ultra-low spreads, astonishingly quick execution, and significant liquidity from top-tier providers.

Live Market Coverage: One of BDSwiss’s strongest features is its commitment to keeping traders informed. This is done through daily webinars, real-time trading sessions during big events as they happen, and daily trading notifications.

Free Analysis Tools: BDSwiss customers get access to a wealth of free resources, like as Autochartist, correlation signals, VIP trade alerts, and private webinars. A well-designed investor environment is completed with educational materials that include video courses on a variety of topics, from basic to advanced. BDSwiss

BDSwiss is a licensed broker, right?

The Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC) has registered BDSwiss operation offices in the Seychelles and Mauritius, both of which are desirable offshore jurisdictions and increase the broker’s ability to provide services to different citizens throughout the world. However, as we always advise, carefully review the regulations and never sign in with a broker who is just registered offshore.

How are you protected?

The rule states that the security of money and client protection are provided in a number of ways to guarantee a secure trading environment and investors’ legal compliance. It is true that as long as the broker is subject to regulations, you are always protected.

BDSwiss UK is it governed?

Yes, BDSwiss maintains a number of regulatory licenses across the world, including one from the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom (U.K.). However, due to a limitation placed in place by the regulation that forbids BDSwiss from accepting U.K. citizens, its services are momentarily suspended in the country.

Despite this, BDSwiss has obtained numerous regulatory licenses from the EU, including one from Cyprus, where the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission has approved it. Additionally, it is controlled as a Tied Agent by its German business and is passported within the EU. The company is also in possession of a Mauritius regulatory license for use offshore.

What is the BDSwiss minimum deposit amount?

Depending on the account type you select at BDSwiss, a different minimum deposit may apply. While the minimum initial deposit for the broker’s Classic account is $100 (or the equivalent in another currency), the minimum initial deposit for its VIP account is $3,000, and its Raw account’s minimum initial deposit is $5,000, depending on your country of residence and whether you were referred. In all perspectves we fins that BDSwiss is one of the most advances forex trading platforms uk that has unique and awsome features rather than others.

How does BDSwiss fare in the UK?

According to the FCA announcement, the FCA issued a citation to BDSwiss in May 2021 for engaging in illegal marketing tactics through some of its affiliates and social media influencers and demanded that the broker cease operations in the U.K. and cease marketing to U.K. citizens until a number of unresolved issues are resolved by the broker. In short, the FCA has regulations that limit the marketing and selling of CFDs to retail customers, and the FCA thinks that BDSwiss, through certain of its affiliates, violated those regulations. In order to sell referrals to retail traders, BDSwiss collaborated with affiliates, who mostly directed these customers to BDSwiss’ foreign businesses that don’t offer FCA protections.

This basically means that U.K. customers were urged to open accounts with brokers affiliated with the FCA but were not given the protections that an FCA-regulated broker should provide.

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