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Atomico Raises $50M to Invest in European Tech Startups

Atomico, a European venture atozmp3 capital firm, has raised $50 million in funding to support its continued investment in European technology startups. The funding was led by Tokyo-based SoftBank, with participation from existing investors including Ilkka Paananen and Niklas Zennström, co-founders of gaming company Supercell.

Atomico was founded in 2006 by Zennström, who toonily previously co-founded Skype, and has since invested in a range of successful European startups, including Supercell, Klarna, and UiPath. The firm’s focus is on investing in companies that have the potential to transform industries and create new markets, with a particular emphasis on companies that are working on solving some of the world’s biggest challenges.

The new funding will be used to support Atomico’s continued investment in European startups, with a focus on companies working in sectors such as healthcare, climate change, and sustainability. The firm has already invested in a number of companies in these sectors, including Lilium, a German company developing electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft, and Healx, a UK-based masstamilanfree company using AI to develop new treatments for rare diseases.

In addition to its focus on socially responsible investments, Atomico is also committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. The firm has a dedicated diversity and inclusion team and has published a number of reports on the topic, including a recent report on the state of diversity in European tech startups.

The funding round comes at a time of increased investment activity in the European tech startup ecosystem. According to a recent report by, European startups raised a record-breaking €41.3 billion ($49.4 billion) in funding in 2020, up from €34.3 billion in 2019.

The increased investment masstamilan activity is a sign of the growing importance of European startups in the global tech landscape, as well as the continued demand for innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. Atomico’s focus on socially responsible investments, as well as its commitment to diversity and inclusion, position the firm as a leader in this space, and the new funding will help to support its continued efforts to invest in and support Europe’s most promising startups.

In conclusion, Atomico’s new funding round is a significant development for the European tech startup ecosystem, and a testament to the growing importance of socially responsible investing. The firm’s focus on investing in companies that are working to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges, as well as its commitment to promoting diversity and justprintcard  inclusion, make it an important player in the tech industry. With this new funding, Atomico is well-positioned to continue investing in and supporting Europe’s most promising startups, and to play a leading role in shaping the future of the tech industry.

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