Apprenticeship is an exhilarating experience.

Apprentices can come from all walks of life, from high school graduates and college grads to persons who wish to change their career path entirely. You have the option of bringing on a new employee or training an existing one. You, as an employer, may be eligible for government subsidies to assist with the cost of apprentice training. 

The original way of learning a trade or career through an apprenticeship has been around for centuries. Instead of finishing an educational programme and then starting new employment, hire an apprentice to begin working and earn money as they learn new abilities. Apprenticeship is a popular choice for people who want to gain valuable work experience while saving money on traditional post-secondary education.

The following is a list of the advantages for businesses just like yours: 

  1. A new influx of oxygen 

Bringing in some new blood can give your office a whole new perspective and spark new ideas. There is the potential for an increase in total corporate productivity

  1. Enhanced output 

Increasing your workforce as you hire an apprentice would be a cost-effective option. According to research, employing apprentices has been proved to boost productivity in more than 80% of organisations. 

  1. Positive long-term growth. 

Apprenticeships are also an ideal way to expand your workforce’s skill set. Because you are handing on your skills and knowledge to those eager to learn the profession or business, you are also increasing your own skills training by looking at how you do things. There are several ways to become more efficient by examining your actions and why. 

  1. They are loyal

Hiring an apprentice can not only help you acquire the necessary skills for your business, but it can also help you retain employees and provide you with a pool of talent for the future. Many companies believe that apprentices tend to be more loyal than those who have never worked as an apprentice. 

  1. There is no further expense to you. 

All-age Apprenticeships are being implemented in Wales. Higher Apprenticeships in Wales are fully-funded as of August 1, 2016, for 16-19-year-olds and individuals over the age of 20 who have been employed for less than a year. 

  1. The downtime is minimal. 

There are no classrooms in an Apprenticeship programme because it’s a work-based training programme that takes place on the job. They are convenient for both the employer and the apprentice to reduce interruption while maximising the influence on the business. 

  1. Customised to your company’s needs 

As a result, apprenticeships can be designed to meet specific demands. With this method, you may start training new employees right away, knowing that they haven’t picked up any undesirable habits from their previous employers. 

  1. Resolve the issue of a skills gap 

Employers benefit from apprenticeship programmes because they can develop a well-rounded staff with a wide range of specialised knowledge, abilities, and attitudes. As a result, employers who participate in apprenticeship programmes see apprentices as a valuable asset. 

  1. There will be no more NI payments to make. 

Employee National Insurance contributions are no longer required for apprentices under 25 as of April 2016. 

  1. Improve your company’s long-term viability by using these ten strategies. 

Keeping up with technological advancements may be a difficult task for any company. With the help of an apprenticeship programme, you may develop the future workforce you require. Regardless of your industry, there are numerous advantages to hiring an apprentice.

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