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All you need to know about Instagram scams

The Instagram scam has now made its place under the category of cybercrimes. These scammers coerce you into becoming a target of either fraud or your personal information getting compromised. These scammers are most of the time after something that has value to it. Such a thing can be selling a product to you but taking your money instead and never giving you the product. Or another most common practice is hacking into your personal information and asking you for ransom against it, this is also commonly termed a ابتزاز. Some of these scammers even try to further spread this scam to your followers and they also end up falling prey to it.

Steps to take to protect yourself from Instagram scam

By now we all know that this new form of cybercrime has become common so let’s look at a few ways you can avoid yourself from becoming its target.

– Beware of “givers”: the most common way of getting the attention of the users is messaging them saying that you have to give or send something your way. This way the hacker gets the address and banking details of the user and gains access to their account. Always proceed with caution and never give out your information to any random account.

– Enable two-factor authentication: this would prevent anyone from gaining access or logging into your account even if they somehow get your password. What two-factor authentication does is that even after you enter your password, it send a one-time code onto your registered cell number that you have to enter to log into your account. This way no one can log into your account because the code will always be sent to your number.

– Never open Instagram links sent through message: unless it is a login link being sent to you from Instagram’s official number, never open any link being sent to you from a user or a company. Any other number or account would always send you these links with the intention of gaining access to your login information. So beware and never enter your login information into any bogus website.

– Beware of fake giveaways: we all love the new trend of giveaways on Instagram but sometimes they can be too good to be true. This means the accounts messaging you for your personal information can be just another hackers trying to get access to your banking information or your personal information on your account to either الابتزاز الالكتروني you or ask you for ransom. So always beware of these fake accounts and do not respond to them.

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