Advice for Foreign Exchange Brokers: Three Reasons to Switch to Loyal Forex Immediately

A reliable and efficient broker is the foundation of every profitable trading activity, especially if you like to use Forex robot traders.

Since then, they have implemented a lot of revolutionary modifications for the benefit of their clients, and they are swiftly rising to the top of the list of Metatrader 4 Forex brokers. The benefits of dealing with Loyal Forex will be emphasized in this review, along with my reasons for advising them as a grand capital review.

Loyal Forex transitioned from being an introducing broker to a full-service private brokerage in October 2010. As a result, they took on all of Prime4x’s flaws and restrictions, which, unhappily, did not help their own reputation.

The most common complaints at the time were transaction rejections, shifting spreads, and frequent requotes, and these issues turned off many serious Forex traders. If Loyal Forex had continued to act as Prime4x’s introducing broker, you can be sure that they wouldn’t be on my list of recommended Forex brokers.

Once Loyal Forex decided to become a fully independent private brokerage, they significantly improved for the benefit of its clients. These changes have raised client happiness and improved profits in their trading accounts.

1. No requotes, rejections, or stop-hunting

Because Loyal Forex offers Direct Market Access, orders are transmitted to the market and quickly carried out. This means that when using your Forex robot trader, you won’t have upsetting trade requotes or rejections.

Additionally, Loyal Forex offers Straight Through Processing, which implies that they never take the opposite side of your trades and do not serve as a market maker. This guarantees that their interests are always in line with yours and that, unlike with some other dishonest brokers, you will never encounter the repulsive practice of stop-hunting.

2. Guaranteed Low Fixed Spreads

Over 60 currency pairs, commodities, futures, and CFDs are all offered by Loyal Forex at incredibly low fixed spreads. The Fixed Standard account, which requires a $500 minimum deposit and guarantees a 1.8 pip spread on the EUR/USD and a 2.5 pip spread on the major pairs, and the Fixed Pro account, which requires a $2,000 minimum deposit.

For a Forex robot trader to be profitable over the long run, low fixed spreads are essential since every pip you pay less for results in a pip more in profit for each trade your robot executes.

3. Exceptionally Trader-Friendly Forex Robots

Unlike many other Metatrader 4 Forex brokers, Loyal Forex is quite accommodating to Forex robot traders. They do not place any limitations on the usage of Forex robot traders or scalping or hedging strategies. There are numerous horror stories of traders using their Forex robot trader to make sizable profits just to have those profits withheld due to anti-forex robot trader policies implemented by other Metatrader 4 Forex firms.

Additionally, Loyal Forex provides an unlimited demo account service so that you can try out your Forex robot traders without any restrictions for as long as you wish. Before using real money, this is ideal for live testing and evaluating your Forex robot trader.

In light of their excellent execution, some of the lowest Forex spreads available, and complete support for Forex robot traders, Loyal Forex is a wise choice if you’ve been looking for a trustworthy and effective grand capital review. The FDIC will provide complete account protection, and withdrawals are quick and uncomplicated. Today, give Loyal Forex a try and observe the difference it makes to the profitability of your Forex robot trader.


Professional Trading Systems Developer Thad B. has created and managed a number of successful trading systems for a private hedge fund over the years. His passion and area of expertise are Forex trading systems, and he has a variety of useful tools available for any professional Forex systems trader. A key decision is making investments. You can utilize the links on these pages to identify potential Forex brokers in your town or city, or you can use your local yellow pages when determining what broker Forex advice to take or where to seek broker Forex advice. Few Forex brokers are found in small towns or cities, preferring instead to be found in more populous regions where there is a greater demand for such Forex and investing information.

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