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Mount Cerro Aconcagua is nearly 7000 metres high. Nearly 23,000 feet high, and located in Mendoza Province Argentina, in the Andes Mountains. In the Western hemisphere. It is quite close to Chile and quite close to the Pacific Ocean. This is the highest peak in Argentina, the highest peak in South America, and the highest peak in all the Americas. It is one of the 7-Summits. Believe or not, Aconcagua is the highest peak in the World outside the Himalayan Complex.

Aconcagua is climbed during the Argentinian summer: in December, January, February.

For many of our members, Aconcagua will be their first high peak after Kilimanjaro (often one’s first 7-summit), which is around 6,960 metres / 22,800 feet. It is 112 Km / 70 miles Northwest of the province capital; Mendoza. Aconcagua expedition or Aconcagua climb is a logical step up from Kilimanjaro, because, like Kilimanjaro there are no crevasses, or dangerous snowfields. If you felt well on Kilimanjaro at almost 6000m, then it’s natural to discover how you will feel on Aconcagua at 7000m.  It is not necessary to know how to use ropes to climb Aconcagua, and you will not be roping up to other climbers. However, ice axe and crampon will sometimes be used near the summit as there is slippery snow.  However, Aconcagua differs from Kilimanjaro in that it is higher, colder and longer. You will need winter cold weather equipment special clothing and double insulated boots (crampon compatible) for Aconcagua. After Aconcagua climb you will be a step closure to Everest. Everest expedition cost or Everest climbing cost differs as it can be climbed from both Nepal and Tibet side. Similarly, Everest base camp trek is the world most famous trekking trails.

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