A Quick Guide To Starting A Successful Crypto Or Blockchain Blog

Sincerely, it is difficult to build a successful crypto blog in today’s highly competitive environment.

You’re not the only blogger in this niche. There are thousands of excellent crypto blogs. You need to work harder to attract traffic, convert visitors, and sell.

Before you move on, however, it is important to identify your primary goal. Is it to increase sales, traffic, or swift conversions etc. You can channel your energy correctly to create a lasting effect if you have a clear purpose.

You can be certain of a valuable result with an average of 3.5 million Google searches per 24 hours if you follow these guidelines.

1. Find out what your crypto audience wants and create valuable content.

Understanding your audience and creating content that is valuable to them is one of the best ways to grow a successful blog.

Blogs are designed to give customers insight and provide detailed solutions. This being the case, you should focus your efforts on creating detailed content about “keywords” that people search for on ‘crypto. It is the best route to content marketing success.

2. Contribute consistently to top crypto blogs ( guest blogging strong)

Guest posting on Cryptocurrency niche was a powerful online marketing strategy that you could use before the advent of Bitcoin.

Your crypto blog will naturally reap the benefits of consistent contributions to top publications in your niche.

Target traffic immediately exposed.

It is easy to connect with influential people in the crypto market.

3. Establish strong connections with other crypto bloggers.

You need to create a strong community with other crypto bloggers to grow your blog.

“Connection” isn’t about what you know or your idea, but whom you know. A strong network connection can bring you more client leads and joint ventures, partnership and writing opportunities, traffic, sales, and many other benefits.

4. Make your crypto blog mobile-friendly

A mobile-friendly design is another tactical strategy to help grow your crypto blog. Mobile devices are rapidly changing the internet. This will increase your blog traffic.

Here are some benefits of a mobile-friendly website:

  • It enhances the user experience.
  • This increases the average amount of time visitors spend on site.
  • It speeds up website loading speed.
  • It improves mobile SEO.

5. Your blog design should be eye-catching.

A business’s first impression can either make or break it. This is something you should not laugh about.

Blogs with attractive designs are more likely to keep visitors on their site longer than blogs that have a poor design. Make sure your blog is attractive enough to attract your visitors.

6. You should not neglect your crypto blog’s loading speed:

Businesses are destroyed by unimpressive load speeds. Visitors feel compelled to wait for websites with low speeds.

Think about it: How long do you have to wait for a website to load when you search the internet? It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.

Keep this in mind. If your blog loads slowly, you won’t be able to have a successful blog.

7. Comment on and read other crypto blogs

Commenting on other crypto blogs can also be a great way to increase blog traffic. This is how it works: read other blogs’ works and, if you see comments that need a solution to a problem, leave a comment.

Be professional. If the owner of the blog finds the information useful, he may mention you in his article. People will be more likely to visit your blog in this way.

8. Do not forget to create an email list and share new tips every week.

A great way to build a blog is to create email lists and share weekly tips on the blockchain.

To make it easy for people to sign up, place your email list box on the first page of your blog. You should also share new tips with your subscribers no more than twice per week.

9. Create great content in 2*900 – 2*2000 words per week

Consistent writing is the key to everything.

A great way to build a successful crypto blog is to create quality content with a word count between 900 and 2000 words. Research shows that blogs publishing at least 12 posts per month have a 3.5x increase in visitors and conversions.

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