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A Guide About How to Identify and Prevent Rodents Infestation

Rodent infestation is one of the most dangerous and frustrating problems of all time. As rats not only cause damage to expensive and important households, but also carry severe and fatal infectious diseases that can be life-threatening. Hence, it’s necessary to stop rat infestation before it creates any health hazards or losses.

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Identification of rodents

It is the very first step towards the prevention of rodent infestation. As in the earlier stage, it’s way easier to eradicate the Infestation.

So here are some of the ways through which you can easily identify the infestation:

  • Droppings: it is one of the biggest factors to identify the infestation. With its size, you can not only confirm the infestation but also can make a proper assumption regarding the volume and the type of rats that have been infested.
  • Presence of holes: the presence of unusual whole over the walls and floors is also a major sign of infestation as rats tend to make holes due to their forever-growing teeth. Which they manage by constantly chewing anything surrounding them.
  • Strong Odor: if you sense any strong foul smell in your house, it also indicates the infestation as it may be coming from their excreta and dead bodies.

How to get rid of the rat Infestation?

First of all, make sure to investigate the house properly and check for suitable places for the rats in the house. After investigating, block all the gaps that you observed whether on the walls, doors, or drains.

Every possible way through which there are chances of the rat getting escaped. Then set the traps for them. You can take the help of the professionals. After trapping them clean the whole house and make sure to follow the prevention measures.

Preventive measures for rodent infestation

  • Keep the surroundings and wall corners of the house neat and clean and also clean the garden as well.
  • Try to call for the birds to the garden by creating a suitable habitat for them, as they are the predators of the rats.
  • Block the opening holes of the house through which the rats might get in.
  • Set the traps for the mouse that has already entered the house. You can also use rodenticide. You can use baits for better results.

Also, you have to be extra careful while using rodenticides, as they are highly poisonous. In case you’re exposed to it, then immediately go to the doctor.


With the above-mentioned information, you can easily prevent rodents and prevent diseases caused by them.

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